Obedient Being Human Being

The Cost of LIvIng? Gettin' cold down here.

What kind of Being are YOU?

What does “the word” mean you? Where is it and how does it come? Was it written down in a book to give you a little clue? Why is yours written, but everyone else had to figure it out for themselves? Whose fooling who, why?

How does it feel to live a life of lies, to think you're on the top when every sign indicates you are hitting rock bottom? Why would you try to keep going? Are Black Americans on the Top or the Bottom? How does it feel to be on the top, standing flat footed on the bottom? How do you help someone get to the top of the bottom? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Are you too delusional to distinguish truth from fiction? How is you cost of living? Do you pay more, why? Do you stick together, in the United States, then why do you say that?

So you say, You are a Human Being, are you Obedient? You say you are a Obedient Being, but are you a Human Being? Then, why do you call yourselves Superior Beings? Is this how superior beings should behave?

Where is the peace? How can you say peace, when all around you is confusion and chaos, so much so you can't even stand yourself? What kind of being are you?

How can you be anything and not be obedient to what it is supposed to mean? I am an obedient being, but know nothing about treating a Human Being? We even say we’re Superior Beings, yet knowing nothing about treating Human Beings.

What exactly is your State of Being? Every time you get in trouble you call on God, even though you have not been obedient to human beings. What kind of being are you?

If we were obedient beings, would we have a need to call on God so much? Wouldn’t that, the need diminish? However, today we are calling on God more than ever before.

Disobedient human beings are like those guilty feeling people at funerals, they holla the loudest and the most. But does it do any good? Why be futile, why work for nothing?

Are we being obedient to ourselves or is it to others, for others? What does that tell you? How can you serve two Gods- THINK?

Think about the right things, think about why we are the way we are, why things are the way they are, why do we over-complicate matters? Why can a “towel head”, can’t speak your language, never been to your schools, does not hold allegiance to your religion, does not care for you one way or the other,,,come into your home and have more shit than you? As a matter of fact, he can do what you can’t and that is run a successful business??? What does that tell you?

From nothing, he come into you community, start a business selling you the shit you NEED? Is it money, power or principle? You still can’t get the shit you need? He can get the very shit you need in bulk and turn it around and sell it to you,,, and you system of Government accepts, supports this bullshit. You working like fool to support this man’s business… Just who, to whom are you obedient?

Profits come out of your community but nothing comes back in return and you deem this as some kind of LOVE, RESPECT, Economy, fair treatment.

They tell you to “go back to school”, “stay in school”… why do you do that? Is it so you can learn your God? What does your "state of being" tell you about obedient human beings?

How do you help anyone who does not, refuses to help themselves? Before you can be true to anyone else, you must first be true to yourself.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!