Pure Thought

Can U Take me There

Deep, Vast, Black as Midnight, Clear as running water, heart, soul and mind.

I would love to take you there, so far away, to a land more vast, so vast you clearly see from the valleys to the mountain tops. Isolated, secluded and it is just you and me.

Have you ever had such an experience, like from Milledgeville, GA to The Gambia, West Africa, two whole different worlds, but the exact same people, mentality, hasn't changed. You see, living in your environment, we take a lot for granted, don't care, can't be depended upon, materialistic, conniving, hypocritical.. Come on now, what the hell was wrong with the way Native Americans ran this country.

We've fucked up the race, just got/had a first, on the sly, President and right behind him... Mr. Bright, the Richest man I do not know, but I like all people,,, but are we really making responsible decisions, com on man. You know, I think I could a made a better President.

Do we have any real Africans in America or are we all wannabees? We talk a lot of shit, but I tell you... try one one of them wars, ask a man who lost a limb in battle, one who joined the Army to escape the bigotry, the overt, undercover, stupid, without merit racism in America. Of all the places, people, lands, littered worse than a third world country. Low down, child killing, women murdering, don't give a shit about seniors, motherfuckers to ever walk the face of the earth. Lying about literally every fucking thing. We, especially Black Americans have no fucking what the hell we're doing, nor do we care about what tf is going on and justifiably so. That is how fucked up things really are in American and  you can't trust or depend on a fucking soul. Ask me, served in your fucking Army. If you were feeling so safe and secure, why in the hell do you want to walk around carrying a gun and call this more freedom?

see that the obvious, stupid shit I'm talking about. IF you take one of them fucking politicians, anyone of them, just look how compromised our elections results are, while we over somewhere in fucking ether trying to hypocritically tell somebody else how to live. Fucked up! When do we face our own truths? Where the fuck is the peace, the love, the happiness. Is it supposed to be in your soul? Is this true or false.

How can you know your friends, trust your buddy... sophisticated alarm systems, cameras, guns, we all stand behind? Police hiding in the bushes, literally hiding to catch their own people? Then the Army defending what we don't know, don't even think about, could care less about, funny, funny?  Police who cannot find enough ways to sneak up behind you, scare the hell out of you, intimidate the hell out of you, go to jail and don't be Black.

How can you say it is when it ain't, it ain't when it is, what fucking sense how do you ever understand each other? White Americans ain't shit, you ignore Black folk, trick us into doing the shit you don't wanna do and call it JOB. Blacks ignore themselves, niggers just don't count, but "all" of us are responsible, it's bullshit and I have lived long enough to know, why would you want to take pristine and turn it all into a bunch of your own rubbish?

Being in the earth, of the earth keeps you grounded because you already know, you can only do one thing and that is return to the earth.

I speak for the people thrown in the ditch, chased you your dogs, runned over by your horses, cars, trains and buses. This trail of tears has to end and we have to bring it there.

You can forget all that other bullshit, won't last or it may be here and your ass gone... there we go with that inherited, life time warranty, insurance BS, one lie passed on. Why do you even want the stress of trying to own this bitch, divide up... don't you know all you're doing is over complicating your own life???

It was all good until your monkey asses showed up, damn! Native Americans could not imagine a motherfucker so stupid as to even think, he/she/it could improve upon this.

Now, that we don't know our asses from a hole in the ground??? Seriously, going the wrong way, backwards, destroying, deploying? Why do you think the Russians even want to influence,  your elections, why don't you suspect Black Americans, like you blame us for every fucking thing else? We got a motive but what happened to our nerve? From wild and savage, you finally got what you wanted, a bunch of niggers acting like they don't know which way to go, damn. Can't blame YOu!

Ever been to a place where you cannot get lost? No maps, gps, why do natives, the real indigenous people of this land need a fucking map? Did they write, drawn on paper or did they pass on truths so they could go anywhere with a reason?

And Black Americans so fucking wannabee, who the fuck is the real American and we killed their asses, went to church and prayed to kill some more.. The South Shall rise again, History Repeats Itself, but it doesn't happen exactly the say way every time. Oh, it is coming back, but I can bet you, your asses will not be in control. Yes, the Lord God, Jesus Christ has had enough of your lying, violent and abusive asses. Ask him when you get there? Yeap, there one person to whom you must answer, past the test, learn to read, finish high school, dress nicely, (((respect ladies))) and now we don't even know who is a lady or not.

By the powers of those invested in me who Just Want to Americans. Help and be helped, why create otherwise? Why complicate, over complicate, more than necessary,,, your life, the lives of your family members.. don't you know there are some serious consequences beyond your control? Don't you know, are you not too stupid, too scientology figure,,,you don't have the last word, never did, never will and all you can do is "fuck yourself" if you even think otherwise.

Come on now, tell the truth, look at the fucking diseases, uncalled for accidents you call CRIME,,, must I say more, kids killed in gun violence, old ladies, mothers, mothers to be,,, we don't give a fuck. It is the saddest state of affairs I have ever seen in my life and we call it good.

You can't even smoke a cigar in peace. We can't make our own and you tempt us too much,,, all for a fucking profit, a job, a car, a phone....slaves to all this stupid shit. The people don't want to see,,, a motherfucker would rather have an airplane, fine car, parking, gas, insurance, a zillion dollar house...the list is much too long by now. All free, free, no tax, rich, poor, no more pure thought, plenty of space never to see the motherfucker you don't like and we keep calling it better.

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YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!