Offer and Compromise

What happens when you compromise? Call it meeting in the middle?

The suggestion to compromise sounds good on the surface, but is really happening when you're the king of compromising? Confused with agreeing to disagree do they ever agree?

Can we meet in the middle, can we compromise?  But where is the middle?

Someone made mention of “meeting in the middle” as this is the best way to maintain a relationship. "Can we compromise", she says this as though this is the best way to minimize confusion.

My research says, to be able to compromise, you must have an offer. An offer and compromise is an agreement established between two or more who are unable to meet the established criteria.

But what happens when you find yourself the only one willing to compromise. If these offers and compromises were the best way to minimize conflicts, then why is there so much confusion and conflict today?

Today, we’re being dictated to, more than any other time in the history of America. The more information we collect on you, the more power to intimidate we have in these offers and compromises. This fact is proven in the relationships between Black and White Americans. White people are too quick to offer what appears to be a viable compromise, but in the end all it did was give them more power over you, because rather than give you what you wanted, they only gave you what they wanted you to have and that gets old real quick.

The idea behind offer and compromise is to make giving and taking more equitable for both parties, then how do they manage to always have the advantage? What’s happening to all the underlying agendas? Why in the hell are they blocking the way? What happened to the progress up the ladder? Why do you get to “make and break all the rules, while all I can do is follow”? Why did you have to ask them in the first place? How many times do we get to offer and compromise with Nature?

Who’s responsible for maintaining the momentum? Continue reading "Excitement....Momentum!!!"  What good is an offer and compromise when people don’t care or only concerned about themselves? Saying one thing and doing another, a compromise doesn't work with this kind of people.

We're all on a mission, either I'm in with you or out with you. There's nothing to be accomplished on the middle ground.

Because we keep offering and compromise doesn’t mean our relationship is any better, as a matter of fact, there’s a problem we’re not facing.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!