The Old Heads

Who  listens and who sets the examples?

Is the American society the only society with this just the opposite? In what societies, other than American, do young people lead the way? What purpose has America for her elderly?

It's an invaluable lesson for our future? Intentional or unintentional American seniors are considered less valuable and contributes significantly less in the safety and security of its fast pace citizens and society.

One reason is American youth have learned their seniors let them down, with all the empty promises and unnecessary hardships. Why must you pay money for what already is your parenting responsibility? By now, all the learning is bogus and institutional.

The tide turns, old and vulnerable American seniors are being preyed upon. Alone and rejected the others avoid them. You now know from where comes all these lonely people.

Who wants to listen to a senior about career, family, school, church, religion, spirituality, food, fashion, music, transportation,  ... which just about covers a society, economically and socially? What good is older and more experienced, in our society? Is this why we look more outward than in?

 From whom can you learn and how much does it cost? There's only one way to bring two worlds together. One.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!