One Day At A Time

Why isn't everybody great, why are so many suffering...

One Day At A Time, is what you do apart of what I do? Is what we do apart of the larger picture? Are you living haphazardly? Where do you want to go, where are you, what must you take with you and when should you be there?

This phrase can work in your favor and just as well, but even more devastating, it can work against you. Often we’re taking this phrase the wrong way and that is we’re looking for the by and by. We’re looking for supposedly Jesus Christ to come down and do something about our situation. One day at a time sweet Jesus that’s all I’m asking of you.. One day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, it happens so gradually you are unaware of how your life is being taken away from you, until it’s too late. Even they wrote about Jesus, no man knows the day or…

One day at time is the only way you can build and each day is a new day for you to do something to take you another step towards doing your job, which is a step closer to reaching your long term goal, which God has already established.


When you have a deliberate life, you stay focused on your goals and your goals are the same as my goals. When you have something to do you need to get your ass up and do it, no procrastination.

Why are we always looking for someone else to give us a job? If you had a plan and worked your plan, would you need a job from someone else? What about mining your own business, in the positive sense? Your job is not your life but…

Is it the journey or the destination? One eye on yesterday and one eye on tomorrow makes you cockeyed today and you ain’t seeing shit straight.  If we really lived one day at a time we would be able to accept new and different things in our lives and would work towards that end.

Another thing, we can be so focused on the future we miss what’s happening today and then you wonder why the future didn’t pan out the way you wanted. Did you do something each day, why didn’t you know that earlier?

Living one day at a time gives  you the ability to enjoy small successes one day at a time and by doing this you progress towards the end goal and we all are on the same sheet of music and that is to be prosperous in all we do. Make each day count and everybody can be great and it all comes naturally. Continue reading "Rest In Peace"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!