One Good Reason To Smoke!

The promise of good health? The inhalation of smoke, which smoke is most harmful to humans and their environment, which smoke without a doubt has caused the most health and environmental concern...

The smoke of a fireplace, wood burning stove or the smoke produced from generating man-made energy? What about the smoke of producing lumber, is it healthier, less healthier...have you ever been a part of a logging operation, is it really eco friendly. Why is today's generation the greatest consumers, accused exploiters of every natural resource we can find, including clean drinking water? Why are we the greatest polluters ever to exist on the face of the earth? Do you know of any people prior to the people who think they are the most technological prepared people to ever exist?

Ever think about our risk factors, the death totals we are willing to accept just to keep from walking in our own polluted bullshit? We cover God's green earth all because we with our lazy asses, just want to ride, which has proven to be one of the greatest contributions to our poor health, exploiting resources, pollution (Air, Water and Land) but we don't give a shit because we see it as fucking profit. more profits, fancy ass houses, lavish, lavish and more lavish but is this real, reality, are we causing more crime, more insane, dependent people, are we causing more harm than good?

Is the excitement of being able to ride around in some overpriced, lavish ass car built to supposed suit your fucking needs...does it make any fucking, more sense than being on horse back. Which ride is truly the absolute most effective and efficient means of transportation? How many lives would save by not running over our own kind? NOt worth it is it, Mr. Preacher, Business Man, Celebrity, Successful, Wealthy, Poor man's dream....

Smoking wards off evil spirits. Smoking and all the bad things about it and we have just about criminalized it,, same as weed, want you to believe, made it that smoking is worse than smoking weed, condemned any smoker to hell and back, allergies, smelling like nasty cigarettes, killing your babies, heart disease, bad influence, nasty smoking demons... But do you realize how, why the inhalation of smoke have survived all these years, generations, AD, BC,,,,since people have inhabited this earth. There has been a record of smoking and smokers a hell of a lot longer than the record of non smokers.

Observing the behavior of nonsmokers verses the behavior of smokers: You need smoke to deal with people who do not smoke. People who do not smoke, hate smoke, complain about smoking... can be some of the absolute most arrogant son of bitches to ever walk the face of the earth. Their not to be trusted because apt to lie about any of their smoking experiences. Why would you condemn cigarette smoking yet condone Air Pollution? Does you car smoke? How many cigarettes equates to the smoke produced from a 10 mile ride in your fuel efficient car, truck, motorcycle, boat, jet ski, private plane, airplanes, you get my point.... the inhalation of smoke?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!