Living on the Edge

How many times have I missed the boat? How many lives would I have saved, including my own. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda...

Up on Current events, running, jogging, racquet ball, reading the daily paper, painting, dancing, acting, listening to radio, tv, amusement parks….and I still had time to hit the clubs… Even tried my luck at education, being a black male and all. I used to have it going on. Now, I wish I had back all that time and money.

Opening new Doors, do you have a backup plan? Where is it, who, what, when...Katrina? I'd probably shatter. There is something about being young and flexible, I guess, and just lucky the way you land.

Opening up Doors That Never Would Have Been, is scary as hell. I know what 's needed, but I just can’t quite seem to get myself to do it. Could I have saved one of the school massacres, a celebrity, a sports figure, a Congressman/politician, a Principle, a Priest, a policeman, a Preacher, a child, mother, father, wife, husband, neighbor…just think of the need and the implications should I have done what I know I am called to do? Saved from themselves...

If I got this far going the wrong way, only God knows.

Opening up doors that would never have opened had you not put everything on the line. Be it intentionally or by accident, opening one of them doors you know you never should have is shocking, exciting, scary... Oh BOY when it’s in your favor, but like a dream where you wish to wakeup or stay asleep? Despite the crazy, long-shot odds of actually succeeding, nothing ever would have happen had you not opened the door.

1. Who cares how silly your goal might be? If it's your goal, it's YOUR goal!

2. The power of unrelenting passion makes the impossible...possible.

Sure, in all our goals, failure is possible. To say I have felt failure's nasty sting 1,000 times would be an understatement. And yeah, failure is scary to me at times, too, but I go ahead doing what I’m supposed to do, creating a refuge.

Now, had I started early, I would already be where I’m trying to go, but again,,, fear got in my way. Naahh, I wanted to have a great career, hot job, plenty of money, girls…, all the koolaid I could drink. That wasn’t enough, so just like a good man supposed to, I went and got myself married and now I'm married to someone who hates my guts.

Hatred seems to be the going thing these days. Talking about opening doors you later wish you never opened- Scary, Scary, Scary as Hell!

You’re saying, but Art that is what got you here. I’m saying, had I went the other way I wouldn’t have so many bumps, bruises, scars, near misses… Had I just listened to my true heart, had I blocked all of everybody else’s shit out…. I probably would be rounding up cattle somewhere on a bigggg old Ranch and much, much more...

But you know what should be even scarier to both of us? 

Not taking a risk and living our lives being much smaller in potential and fulfillment than we could have been.

How important is a backup plan? Where do you keep your emergency rations? Would you flee to California, let's se'? Yo cousin? If there were some kind of mass disaster and there will be, where in the hell would you flee, take refuge...?

Ever seen a people who had no back up plan, only one way in and one way out? Even worse, they were totally dependent upon a people who they know would not save them...

They couldn't figure it out. They wanted it, new they deserved it, should have it, worked for it, but yet;;; they fail to implement it. They're scared as hell to create and execute their back up plan.

Get a hold of this::: Responsiblity for their back-up plans lies totally in the hands of their enemy.

Your back-up plan is MY Plan.

(((your inner

Growing Older WAiting to Look YOUnger?

Three Fiths Compromise

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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