Out Growing Your Hometown

Human trafficking or Migration… are all the skills and expertise in another city or town? Why can’t you receive gainful employment in your own hometown?

What happens when you out grow your hometown? Is there such a thing? Is that like out growing your family? Why do most of us leave our hometowns to get gainful employment? Are we migrant workers or participating in human trafficking? Many of us even cross international borders.  Is your experience both positive and profitable for you and your family? Is leaving home easier than resolving conflict with locals? Where does all this end?

Are we coerced or deceived by others – like employers and employment agencies – even relatives and friends so they can take further advantage of our precarious situation?

Are you leaving home due to a community that refuses to grow with you being apart? Were you born in a town which operates based upon cronyism and corruption? Do you really have a choice?

So you relocate to another town where people left to come to your town for gainful employment??? People from out of town get paid more money than locals. There’s plenty of money to be made in hometowns, they just ain’t going to pay your ass. There ain’t shit in this town for you, especially when you see the dumbest person in your class with the best job. Talking about a bright future...

You talk about productive citizens but how do you end this vicious cycle? Is beating the system killing you? When beating the system starts killing you it's time to make a change.

Coping with Separation. When you out grow your hometown you find yourself separating from those closest to you. Separation brings on stressful anxiety which makes it very difficult, no matter the reason. It turns your world upside down, making it harder to get through the work day and remain productive. Worst of all it causes misery and resentment for your hometown. Now, “normal” is different from what you had originally hoped. You’re an officer in the Military but “a piece of shit” at home.

How can you help your community when you can't help yourself? Is this the American Way?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!