Paid Advertisement on websites

Ads websites what are they good for?

Is giving information you need to know? Is it selling products and services? Is it a good source to consult for best pricing. Should I have or shouldn't I? 

Boy, it would be nice to make lots of money for doing what you think you like to do??? I know some people get paid lots of money selling inferior products and services. I mean they are intentionally setting your ass up for the kill and we love it.

even seen some of the shit we by from China and you can't blame China because they are selling what you buy. And we make that shit complicated, limited participation. If you went to china,,, what do they say about All The Tea In China. Anyway, I love what I do, consider it great thearpy, good honest sharing and seen a lot less attractive website making piles of money doing the unthinkable, the unimaginable and that is how we "think" we got our new President.

Well, it started out this way. However, most recently, more major hanky-panky surfaced about mass media, challenging its efforts to do what they say, is saying they do and what we would like to believe. Saying  the possibility of our elections being hacked by Russia and might have had something to do with the election of our new President Elect. Would he, could he have been involved? Do you believe he's capable of making a deal with Russia to help make sure he kicked the ass of a "nasty woman"? Are or arent our men above these kind of domestic tactics. Well, if your process of electing officials, democracy you want to believe but know isn't standing.

I mean it just amazes me how a member, in good standing, of an organization creating more domestic violence than an organization like the KKK is, or would consider themselves Americans. Like bring it in the front door and watch America quickly go out the backdoor???

Think about it? Does history repeat itself? Think its about time for another holocaust? Do you think being armed, or being democrat or Republican, KKK or Black Panther is going to save you? Who is the only person who can save you or is that bullshit? Advertisement, Comedies, Celebrities, advertising pays a lotta folks bills. Do you reckon they give a shit? Do GOOGLE? Is it a government or personal problem. Why would a government want their businesses to snitch on their own people?

The funeral, you can kill a person, so many bad things, but in the end or do you get to call it? Do you want to be dead, why not seek out peaceful means? I just don't understand a motherfucker who just want to be violent to his own people. Ain't right, you are a fucking punk ass...killing your own people, just so you can say,,, I rule. Cowards, not cowboys walk around with guns strapped to their sides so they can appear masculine, bad ass, terrorising, I mean more of them never handled a gun without the intention of shooting or defending themselves from their own people. Isn't that The End....inappropriate dress then they want to deny be entrance because of my dress. 

Anyway, paid advertisement of websites, as seen by one website: Paid Advertisement on a Website

Time is running out in 2016 to help

Has it crossed my mind how much money we could have made if it had ads? Sure. But I believe people wouldn’t want to build it and we wouldn't be able to trust it. To protect our independence,

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!