Parents Blamed for Toxic Relationships

How do you correct a problem that is not yours? Did you listen to your parents...

Did your parents listen to you? The war between Parents and Children, are you teaching how to be a team player or how to take advantage of your fellow human being? What kind of man would charge his Grandma or any other Grandma for a cup of coffee, just to make a profit?

How well behaved is your child? If they are so well behaved what in the hell is wrong with the rest of us? Does money help to bring about inner peace or does it bring more chaos and confusion? Why don't we use it right?

Why are our parents to blame for all these toxic relationships? We all know our parents did the best they could to prepare us for life, however; that does not mean they did a good job. When children realize parents lied, a void of chaos and confusion, is created and trust is thrown out the window. It is hard to unconditionally love a liar, no matter the relationship. Family life characterized by chaos and confusion cause children to endure hardship and blame themselves. So, exactly what are our children and parents prepared for at the end of twelve years of education, but everyone wants to be PAID?

These horrible lies come in many forms, most commonly: marriages/relationships, church, religion, education, politics, justice, professions, jobs.... all of which make up life as we know it, one big lie. And because our parents were raised up believing in these lies, it makes it even harder for them to admit they are LIES. Why should you hate someone who never wronged you?

Hence, we're no longer an extended family but a broken family scattered about, with no sense of loyalty or respect for our own kind. We've nicely handed over our parenting skills and responsibilities to someone, considered an enemy to parents raising children.

At some point in the maturity process, children and parents must realize they have to "give-way" for children to start a life of their own. It is at this point all hell breaks a loose because parents are still holding on and peer pressure on behalf of both is a bitch. Why do we push away the people who love us and fight like hell for those who don't care? Already broken and unhappy, we are constantly looking for explanations and expectations that meet our approval. 

If you've lived in America for any time, how can you not be broken, from our very broken and sick history?

Life becomes a game of tug-a-war with your parents. It's one of those things like "you can't do with them and you can't do without them". Parents have a hard time letting go and children have a hard time going on with their lives. The one who lets go the fastest is accused of not caring.

Toxic relationships breed toxic relationships, parents must stop blaming children and children must stop blaming parents and assume responsibilities for their own lives and this all does not happen at the same time nor age, but one deed at a time. Toxic relationships undermine healthy relationships and prevent us from realizing how much better life can be.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!