Peace of Mind

There's a thing called disturbing the peace, what is it? Why are we so loud, so trusting in a gun?

Does a weapon give you any advantages, any better sense of security?

What do others think of you? How do you plan for the day when nobody can do shit? Do you reckon any weapon even of of mass destruction would be of any consequence? How do you get a kamikaze pilot to face his last day? What do you promise him, why? Why does he feel so committed to die for your ass? They do say funerals are for the living.

How are your investments? How can you earn profits while the whole country gets further and further in debt? What does a gazillion dollars mean? Is it that we have more to spend for less? The more we do, the higher it gets, what does that tell you? Is there some kind of peace of mind in that? Is there peace of mind in depression everywhere?

Normally, I’m arrogant, I can make this or that happen, people want me here, there, everywhere. It is amazing to think so much of yourself, but the real question is::: What do others think of you?

So, you say you don’t give a shit, but have you seen such a person? What do you think about Same Sex, Don’t lie don’t tell, this land is your land my land? Arguments over labels, he’s making millions, I’m making peanuts, gottta have a job, a resume, history, family, rate your performance, equal opportunity employer and the shit just gets deeper. Why do you give your life for something we could easily rectify, or do you think this is the way it is suppose to be? Do we really need all this shit? Why would you take a nice, good, wholesome life for free, change it to you gotta work for a dollar in order to live and we’re steadily destroying more and more resources. Then, you will have to depend on them, the creators and masters of the dollar and all about how strong it is. The dollar is the only thing they think is higher or almost as high as God.

Think about that shit, do you really have peace of mind, would you know it if you saw it? Should a deer ever stop thinking about a lion?  What’s your talent, do you dance in front of the lion, is that risky or what? Really, honestly, openly, will you admit? How much time do you actually spend engaged in bullshit, primarily just to get a fucking check? How long would you stand in line, 12 years? We went to school to learn to read and write or were we trying to be equal, entitled, you owe me? Does anybody ever owe you any damn thing? Just how did we get this shit twisted? Is anybody going to give you anything, worthwhile anyway? Then, why do we have so much crooked shit? Why must you be so cautious if you don’t care what others think?

What if, what if and most say it is what it is, but how prepared are you? Do you think, “there is no way”? Are you so confident, so positive, so faithful that no one can bother your ass? Then, why do you think all the gun enthusiasts are so determined to carry a gun? Do you think they’re saying, “Welcome, com on in” or do you think they’re saying I am going to pop you in your ass if you try and take what I think is mine? Just like we did to take this land… Do you think your job, your money will save your ass, they are lifestyle choices aren’t they? What about your diplomas, do you think Hitlers care?

How did we get out of the business of caring what others think? Is it because you never know or is it that you know they don’t care? I’m entitled to loud music, you’re entitled so when you respect me, where’s the line and why does that line keep moving in your favor?

We live on promises, promises and more promises we know we can’t keep, especially when you don’t even know tomorrow. If you think you’re great today, what would you do if you really knew tomorrow?

Think about shit, all we want is peace of mind and you refuse to give it. If it ain’t one thing… You don’t get peace of mind through owning shit, that’s just reason for more drama. You get peace of mind by not creating shit to worry about. Do you wish you could do that? What are you going to tell God? Will your excuse work, be valid, does it matter? And we're doing all this evil shit while attending church, thinking we're going to be forgiven as soon as you forgive yourself. Now, knowing you, do you think God, a just God, would give you the power to kill at will?  For somebody who think they have such you think God would give your greedy ass that power, somebody who don't even trust themselves? Do you think a little black book is being kept, why a book, why do you think God is going to be so naive, lazy, not busy, to just sit around, burning energy, the effort, the less important, only to monitor your stupid ass? Don't you think there are much more important things? Just take any one of the planets you see out there at night? There are well more planets than you ever want to see and compare anyone one of them to "your little scroony ass", even include the most important of your institutions of higher learning. Do you think they're teaching any of this same old shit on another planet or do you think you're the only one? Do you think they're any smarter, as you've made yourselves here in America?

Do you reckon their God is conversing with your God the way you converse with ALL people? Noise pollution and the story just goes on.

Is this serious of just some more of the same old bullshit? What happened to the quiet moments, do we need to drive everyday, then what's going to happen to fuel prices? Then, why, how do you think you've earned the right to a lower price? Now, what's happening to our value system? For the life of me, is too simple, why do we make shit more complicated, call it more practical, yet our asses are as wasteful as can be?

Talk about a Sailor cussing, if anybody should be cussing, it ought to be them damn slaves.

There's something very liberating about realizing truth. Truth is the simplest of respect one human being should have for another, why should you tell a lie and most of us will never experience all because we're too afraid to admit truth.

Do you really want to know how wasteful and inconsiderate you really are? A mind is a terrible thing to waste and what good is educating it, if you still can't use it. Can anyone teach you that? Where, how do you collect your thoughts?

Why are 99.5% of crimes committed? What about accidents, not thinking? We've stopped using our head for so long, we've forgotten how to use them. If you're only  thinking of profits, what wrong with your monkey ass? Will you ever see the "bigger picture"? So, who are you following? What about the paper bag test? No news is good news.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!