Man on Fire 

If you really want to know, if you really want to test yourself, see if you're on fire, Try a penny?

So what is the lesson about a penny and a human being?

Ever see a penny lying on the ground? Do you pick it up? You do know a lot of folk frown on picking up pennies, for whatever reasons, though it takes pennies to make dimes.

It is the same with people, but… When we meet for the first time, normally everything is alright. We either accept or reject. It’s the ones who are trying to fool themselves who are the most dangerous.

Rejection is not the problem, its when you pick up that penny this whole fooling yourself process starts. You’re not sure if it accepts or rejects you? It’s when you accept this new person into your life all the problems start.

Why a penny for your thoughts? Any other denomination wouldn’t work. You just can’t do without the basics.

Why is that? We bond together for the wrong reasons. Instead of bonding to help, we bond to take the advantage. Why do you think we don’t want any pennies?

Then,  there's a time factor? You only have so much time to decide, until time catches up with you…

You look at a penny, you see the wear and tear on your penny but the wear and tear on your body makes picking up that penny not worth it, but it doesn't end there. You start to have doubts and question yourself. Is it or is it, not worth it to pick that penny up?

But picking up that penny would help preserve your health and increase the value of your money.

Even though you know it’s a penny and pennies make dimes, you refuse to pick it up in that form. However, if it was a larger denomination it would be no problem, which puts you closer to being a criminal. Would you tell anybody if you found $500? Either way you’re picking up pennies.

One day you realize your time is too short and you need that penny. So, you pick it up knowing you did not want it in the first place, but because you want more... You bring it home and as soon as you feel comfortable with it, you start the process of  changing that penny because you want more. But how do you make more out of one penny?

We start making little cracks, little digs about our penny. Well, if we cleaned, if we polished, if it had more…then we start the process of remodelling, reshaping, stretching, shrinking… and we become obsessed with this process, because it is actually happening.

As you are obsessed you become frustrated, so much so until you stop paying attention to what's really going on around you. And it all because nothing you're doing is beinging about the desire result. You are so determined, you have made it up in your mind...

In order to take a penny and increase its value, the only way I know is to “add more pennies”, which we do not want to do.

Be realistic. We ain’t nothing but a penny, well less than a penny if you came from dirt, except you be woman.

But in subsequent meetings, we have the tendency to want to change that person into something we do not even fully understand – The Art of Picking up pennies. No matter how you twist, turn, educate, imagine it… it’s still a penny and its value has not changed, but look how much energy you’ve exhausted and time wasted? How much do you have left?

The same applies to people. You can’t change them, you can just add on, so why waste all that energy and time; and why do we keep wasting all that energy and time? You chose it and now you’re mad because it’s still a penny. We all are pennies and you can’t do nothing without that brown money, nothing, I don’t care how you twist it.

You're going to miss that penny one day? You are going to wish you had it. You're going to wish you picked it up. You're going to regret the number of times you didn't pick it up, and especially if you tried to change it?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!