Shit Stirrers

They say it takes one to know one.

Shit is actually the fecal matter that comes out of ones ass and once expelled, it is avoided. No matter that it is everywhere, human beings are insulted when they step in shit, especially their own.

It's also referred to as waste because it has very little nutritional value, but does have strong identification properties and because of the foul smell associated with it, most people try to hide it. Though it is one of the most important daily bodily functions, shitting is viewed as a necessary evil and shit coverers are being considerate for others. But there's a certain group of people who shits and don't cover it. They don't mind anyone potentially stepping in their shit.

How repulsive, vulgar, nobody likes to admit it, but there are certain groups of people who likes to keep shit going. They question all the good things and believe all the bad. They are just evil and try to cover their stinking smell with the application of all that expensive as perfume. Though their shit stinks like hell, they find it more pleasing, erotic to  play in the shit of others.

Scientists are one of the main groups of shit stirrers. Is the earth flat or round, what was it before we said it was flat? What good does it do to question the shape of the earth? Who good does it do to stir in shit?

You can't treat people like shit and expect them to love you.

(((your inner

Chaos, conflict and Confusion - Your Inner Voice

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!