Persecution on the Rise

Know better do better

I don't know, but increasing numbers of you are prematurely joining me, yet claiming your quality of life is improving. I like the company, but is it really your intention?

Who are the perpetrators? Who are the victims? Why is there any need to discuss these matters? Why are we in such disagreement about how to save this world? If Jesus saves, then what's the problem? Then, why do you feel so compelled to do it "your way"?

Why don’t you feel it? Why do you live outside yourselves? Citizens are facing growing restrictions on their religious freedom and are more confused and divided than ever before. Do you really respect the religious preference of others or are you right and they all wrong?

What’s most important to you or is it all you know? 60 countries where Christians increasingly face the worst persecution. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, breaking news… and where are you going to end up? Think!

Love never comes up. You hear them talk about all kinds of shit, but very, very seldom hear mass media talking about love, why not?

Like many of you I am alarmed at the escalating terror we see erupting across Africa and the Middle East. Over 60, 000 “civilians” have been killed and refugees are streaming across the borders into Jordan, Iraq and elsewhere. The Sahara has become a new haven for terrorist, like those we claim are responsible for 911. I mean once striving cities are being reduced to rubble and fellow human beings are being unmercifully massacred! Repeated bombings, food supplies, medical care, heating fuel and other resources are at a critical shortage.

The bottom line to all of this is, when one of us is suffering all of us are suffering. We suffer with our neighbors. So, why do we create even a greater gap between us? This makes you wonder? Why are we so dead set and determined to rid the world of terrorist, more than we do our own? Why are we so wrong in all our efforts to locate and remove weapons of mass destruction, all accept our own? Why are we so right in indiscriminately killing anyone we deem necessary, based upon intel reports, even though our Bible says…do not kill.

What does persecution mean anyway:  We lost our whole world, but we gained our souls? We lost our souls but gained the whole world? We discovered our souls and helped the world to grow. Now, we know with Jesus there is no death. Then, how do we describe what happens in a fatal shooting, war, domestic violence and abuse…? What’s the difference between “outsourcing” and “fleeing”? What’s going on with one-sided news? Do you prefer to report what’s happened or help good things to happen?

The perpetrators also left a note behind. “LEAVE THIS PLACE OR THE NEXT TIME WE WILL BURN YOU.” The need to discuss these matters is the need to confess and Avoid this violence. Live life to save “all” our children.

Stop the persecution, the insanity, instantly connect to what's most important to YOU! YOU. Your input makes a difference and helps you and us more effectively represent you.

(((your inner

My country or My people?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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