Pretending not to see color or race !

I don't have a problem with racism because I don't see color, is this true? Sounds kind of good but can we actually get around seeing color? Can we help but recognize this person is of another race?

What responsibility do individuals have in racism? Are we to tolerate the mistreatment of any human being?

These people are only fooling themselves.  How many black people are still standing out in the cold, due to a racist justice system? These people think because they put on blinders they're excused from the fight against racism.

I like this statement taken from an article written by Sarah Nell: Pretending not to see colour or race does not make the problems of race go away. Instead, colorblindness maintains these problems because they do not get addressed as racial problems. If we ignore race – particularly the history of race and racism and its long term effects – we bring the wrong tools to the task of solving problems.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!