Racism Refined in America

It ain't but it is and it is what it ain't, damn! The problem that isn't a problem. How does Perfecting stop all this?

We know there is blatant racism in America and it is directed against a certain group of people well more than others, but fixing the problem that ain't a problem is the problem.

Racism in America is fueled by White Supremacy. Whatever White people say goes, no matter how brutal,  inhumane or stupid. White Americans take credit, not responsibility, for all which goes on in America, the country for which they have "no respect", no love and acquired through violence and abuse. Their justification for all this is "this is how the world goes". Nothing could be further from the truth, how can you operate with such a destructive attitude and behavior?

That is my point and justification why America is what she is today and no matter how it truly is, we are able to "cover it up and sell it to the rest of the world".

Why the racism problem for Black Americans, who are historically their victims, is only getting worse? This is because the attitude and behavior of Black people are getting worse. I won't use or ask White Americans about racism, they are naturally in a serious state of denial. However, Black Americans know better what is going on with their own people. They do not need any White folk to tell them what is happening in their hoods. Now, back to White supremacy and Black American inferiority, from a Black people's perspective.

Black Americans are the greatest accomplice to White Supremacy in America and I guess it is this way because it is the same way in Afrika. We forsake anything identifying with Black Americans, embracing everything sold by White America. Black American leaders are too easily swayed by White powers that be.

If White Americans took this country by violence, why would they pretend to want to be tolerant of their former slaves, Black Americans? In this, Black Americans are intimidated and manipulated (God, Guns and Gold) into thinking White America is trying so hard to meet them part way. Intellectuals on both sides agree to disagree and the rest of us are forced to go along to get along, with what we do not even understand, much less accept. What exactly is nonviolence in America and when is violence appropriate for Black Americans to use against White Americans?

Whites say they are making progress and Blacks take advantage of the crumbs and call it progress. Now, both sides go back home to the same old shit. Nothing changed except paper and this paper is too often in the form of legislation and money.

Again, White Americans have succeeded in using their superiority to prove Black Americans are dependent upon them, hence inferiority. If you disagree, why cannot Black Americans live the way they want to live in America, don't you think we deserve it? Why is everything Black Americans do is never good enough for White Americans?

They say there are four stages to racism: Establishing, Maintaining,  Expanding, Refining. However, I am going to add one more and after refining there comes Perfecting. In the perfecting stage Black Americans will finally emerge to be the "beautiful people" we truly are.

White people and their bullshit have run-out, to a point of starting to wave their guns in the air, "again". Their faith is in God, Guns and Gold, none of which can sustain them through what is about to come. And Blacks and anyone else practicing the same inhumane tactics will suffer the consequences. After this little technology boom is done reality will prove itself. You can only bullshit your way for so long.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!