American Racism 2015

What does this mean today?

Why don't you do it your self, like the person for which you're looking to hire? That's what you'll tell me.

Good racists believe just that.

You can live several life times and never see racism, if you really don’t understand what racism is and if you don’t see it you probably won’t do anything about, but if you see racism you will hate racism more than the racists.

Racism is a subcategory under Human Rights Violations. The word racism is used to make these violations appear less severe than a human rights violation, because the people being violated are not even considered human beings. That is how blatant racism goes uncontested, as a matter of fact, people feel the people being violated deserve to be violated and treated less than human, to include the victims themselves.

A good racist sees himself as a freedom fighter, head of household, peace-maker…  They never see themselves as the criminals they truly are and this is too often the case for their victims. They feel they have a right/freedom to do whatever they want.

Racism, is justified in religious beliefs, based upon history and any other source the racist deems credible. It doesn’t take much to cause an already deranged people to turn violent against a people who don’t fight back. Racists are power-struck bullies and take great pleasure in bullying those who are intimidated or helpless , even though they know this is not humane. Racists take the frustrations out on anyone they feel they can control, without repercussions, be it color, gender, sexual preference, age… all a racist need is to know they, more than likely, can get away with violence and abuse.

Racism of today is not the same as racism of  yesterday and in this lies the confusion.

Racism is a destructive attitude based on beliefs of one person being inferior or superior to another. Somehow, we human beings are taught to believe we are divinely better/superior to every other thing on earth, hence; it is okay to destroy at will all considered inferior. A loss of respect for every little thing upon the earth, is this why we're such poor managers?

Now, people go on killing sprees to rid the world of what has been determined “undesirable” and unfortunate innocent people are included on this list and to ensure there’s no chance of retaliation, the racist uses terror to silence their victims.  Their victims are discredited and made to feel guilty for what happened. So, when you see a cop beating the shit out of a fellow citizen, you fear to question and justify it in the line of duty, though you know the violence and abuse is excessive and only brings more violence and abuse.  

Because of our tendency to use excessive force, violence should be excluded from apprehending any human being, in exchange for using organized people power to apprehend or bring under control any suspect. How long can a man survive without the necessities of life? However, being the racists we are, this is just not fast or severe enough. Now, our arsenal has escalated to all the technologies we can’t afford to pay. We’re actually paying top dollars to detect and deter crime, while the crime rate continues to spiral out of control.

A racist thinks he’s controlling shit by using violence and abuse, though his love ones, too scared to intervene, knows he’s not. No matter how logical the argument, you cannot convince a racist otherwise. You cannot convince a die-hard racist he doesn’t need a gun to live this life.

You learn something new each day, why not put it into effect?

(((your inner

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