Rebuilding the Village 2012

Family 2012, 5 w's?

Family reform, is it necessary, do you have time?

What happens when you know something is very poorly constructed, put together, owned and operated? HOw much of it is wrong/right? HOw? Who goes first?

It's a sad day when adult leaders do not recognize, refuse to admit their own problems. Why are our children the way they are, what about our communities, social and economic positioning...????

Family and village reform, must you be told, do you really understand the fundamentals of a functional, strong, vibrant village? Why aren't we living it?

Is it based upon income, education, religion... Then why do we focus on such trivial matters? How do you recognize the human aspect of all of this? Is it too late?

Is too late when "a towel head", who never attended your schools, received your education, religion, cANnOT read or write is allowed to open and operate a business? Do you know you cannot be successful in any business adventure without community support? HOw does your future look?

Reforming your family, the 5 w's? What's the fundamentals of a family? Is it constant drama? Can you accomplish anything worthwhile with all this racial drama? If they haven't accepted you by now,450 years, then what's the problem? If they did and do not accept MLK, then why should they U? What are you preaching, why are you using their books? Are they using them against you? Are you using them against them?

How do you get this critical point across to our "MONKEY ASSES"? Is it valid?

Strong sense of Character is essential to survival,,,Do you have what it takes? Write, Write, Write...

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!