What good does it do you to "Read"?

Degrees and Titles, are we living up to who we're supposed to be? What do you produce?

Why are we so concerned about what others do, think and might say?

How over joyed when we receive another diploma, when we go back to school; but do you ever think how all this came about, what it has produced and how far we are from hitting the target? Why are we so far away from what is most important to us and so close to what is less important?

Are we where we think we ought to be and is where we are, where we’re suppose to be? Was it necessary for us to do what we’re doing to get to where we are?

As we know we live in the land of the best, how much room is there for improvement? Are our priorities in order? Should obesity be a concern, if we’re living so well?

How do you improve if you do not recognize, if you have no plan, no vision, no desire, priorities out of order? How can you be more productive by being less productive?

Why do we think it takes money to live? Today, one would be considered quite foolish to think they could live without money, is that silly or what? Why do we put so much emphasis on obtaining “more money”? Why is money our largest room for improvement?

Are we where we want to be with our children, women, seniors, sick and shut in, businesses, jobs, transportation? Then, are we there with self? How is it that the more roads we build to make traveling easier, the more complicated it becomes? If we're up to five lanes to minimize traffic congestion, why is it more congested than when we started? 

Today, is our safety and security any better than yesterday?

What good is improvement when you're improving in all the wrong areas? What good is it when all you're improving in is "kicking ass"? Whose ass are we going to kick next?

If you have the best why improve? The more sick people we accommodate the more sick people get, is this improvement?

To live is rare, most people just exist. What you now have is one of the things for which you hoped and believing in yourself is the first step to success?

The state of life is the state of mind.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!