Sacrificing the Needy for the Greedy

Will you just lay down and keep taking this shit? Will losing food stamps keep you from surviving and willing gaining that money help you better survive?

Thinking out loud is your inner voice. When you are poor you are perceived as being defenseless, whether you think you are or not. Does money have any nutritional value? 

It is what it is, but can you stand the consequences? In all the chaos and confusion, do these cover your trail? Do they hide you or protect you from the harsh consequence of doing what you did without regard for the consequences.  Gimme mode, everybody is showing up to get the food, but nobody wants to help plant or harvest.

Wall Street/Main Street, working, middle-class Americans/Food Stamp Recipients, Middle class/Wealthy, White/Black... we call it all kinds of names, but the situation remains the same, we keep sacrificing the needy for the greedy and telling ourselves it's working.

You keep robbing Peter to pay Paul but when are you going to pay Peter back? Now it's time to pay Peter and we want to sacrifice the needy to cover that. Now, is the time for the needy to start doing their own thing and stop depending on the greedy to take care of them.

The one thing we all have is innovation and creativity. Will sacrificing the needy for the greedy ever work? Then, why do we keep doing this stupid shit? Interdependence

(((your inner

Fear and Ignorance´╗┐

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!