Sex Education on Steroids in America

It is amazing what some of the greatest minds with do to make a name for themselves and think it to be good for the whole, though based upon religious beliefs? Dictating to any human being who, what, when, where about sex, constitutional, democratically, ethically, morally, politically, socially, medically, secrets… correct...

Do you know how we have all these filters, ratings... about what we share with our children??? My question to you is "What's the fucking big deal"? Why do we allege to be so politically and socially correct, knowing it is just the opposite? You can say sex in front of a child but the word "fucking" is considered to be profanity, degrading, less intelligent, politically and socially incorrect. Yet, these same children are expected to mature and properly decided language??? Then, when they do mature, they choose something totally oblivious to us, thereby proving us wrong, unconstitutional, inappropriate, hypocritical... and we stand there with egg on our faces, acting like "we didn't know or our children are out of control".Are we too hypocritical to realize the error of our ways? Do you think you are more saved, sanctified, filled with the holy ghost, church going, better Christian than everyone else?

Now, all of which is coming from a people, a society play an active role in the likes of genocide, The Trans-Atlantic-Slave Trade, building big business on mis-education, capital punishment, incarceration, taxation without representation, racism, corporate greed, cronyism and corruption...

Are you old enough to know or have experienced sex education in public schools? Who came up with this and how they got permission to impose their thoughts about sex upon other human beings?

Sex education in the class room, mass media, books… as it started went viral across the global. Then came stuff like adoption, abortion, PDA, interracial, LGBT, what’s the big secret, from where did I come, It’s so amazing, what’s happening to me, it perfectly normal…

Some of the most blatant inhibitor are still the same inhibitors haunting us today “hypocritical religion”, “failing education system”, “corrupt politics”, racism and a whole bunch more isms and a very vulnerable, feeling guilty, need rescuing society, so what did we solve?

Though we call it sex education, it was just another form of suggesting to the people, who, what, when, where about their sexual behavior. What did we do, how did we get along before and without someone cleverly levying their sexual thoughts upon an entire society, which resulted in dictation, communism, unethical, immoral violations of human rights? For example: Polygamy is still a violation but BLGT is now legal???

Are there any consequences, what are they, when are they coming and are we willing to confess?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!