Shooting over Loud Music???

Noise Pollution, how does loud music cause you to use deadly force to silence a fellow American? Was this fatal shooting over noise or control? Inspired by Jordan Davis and other victims.

Am I authorized to shoot to kill every plane that takes off, every train, bus, hot rod, motorcycle, boat, jet ski, fourth of July, new years celebration, firing range, church bell, car horn...? Has a white man ever shot another white man over loud music?

An auto with 4 teenage "unarmed" American boys were fired upon repeatedly (ten times) by one 47 year old irate white man, killing one fellow American?

HOW is there one single white AMERICAN who feels he can get away with such crime?

As we're doing everything to diffuse racial tensions in America, white Americans continue to commit hate crimes and cover themselves by claiming self-defense. Then, there are the other white folk who claim they ain't had shit to do with it. Yet, these are the same crackers who claim to be responsible Christian Americans.

Is noise pollution driving white folk to shoot black folk? Isn't it amazing how Black Americans have suffered these hate crimes for over 200 years, yet refuse to avenge themselves. What race of American people are more justified for hating who? What race of American people are more justified to retaliate, whether it be loud music or gun control. What race of people do these crackers want to carry a gun to shoot? Hands down, if there's any group of Americans who need to be armed, what group would be more justified?

Clearly it is black Americans who are the targets of these gun toting out of control crazy ass white folk. For some reason they don't want to leave the days of the wild wild west. They refuse to take responsibility for the hate crimes they commit, the intimidation, terrorism and violence directed against black Americans. And there are hypocritical black Americans guilty of the same. 

How many more innocent young black men will be killed at the hands of some gun toting racist white man before this country realizes white Americans are more out of control today than ever before? And they justify all of this by liking their hate crimes to Black on Black crimes, yet a black man ain't never invented a weapon to destroy or kill his fellow human beings.

Now, it's legal and justified for a group of paranoid gun toting dangerous ass racist white folk to walk around armed in anticipation of retaliation, yet it's a crime and disgrace when a group of black folk does the same.

As long as Black Americans and White Americans have been at odds, is justice really blind or is she faking? As it is critical and justified, Black Americans ain't never had no "stand your ground policies" and never any ground on which to stand.

Wonder how history would have played out had black Americans had a stand your ground policy during KKK night raids, civil rights, voting rights, jim crow...?

HOW is there one single white AMERICAN who feels he can get away with such a crime, because the legal systems leads him to believe it is not a crime?

Which sound is the loudest and most detrimental, a black man and his music or a white man shooting ten times at unarmed innocent teenagers?

(((your inner

VA Heart Attack

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Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!