Stronger Together

What the hell is that image? A strong Chain and its weakest link? The sucker???

So many today are seeking Transparency, is there a such thing as "some things you don't want to know"? We're bombarded on a daily basis with tons of information that doesn't mean nothing even to a billy goat.

personal injury, auto accidents, wrongful death, DUI... are these the suckers or are the ones who made them suckers? Sometimes you must ask: What does this mean? How is all of this making us stronger together?

What I feel in my experience is ignored. I know it may not be the same for each person but hope an opportunity is created for open dialogue between those suffering and those who never understood. Nobody wants to take time out to turn back, just ain't socially or politically correct. We just keep forcing ahead and then what?

Does the weakest link include you and me? Somebody said if you're looking around the table and don't see the sucker, then you might want to consider yourself. My question here is: Where is the person who can create experiences that grab, hold and won't let go---experiences so intense you don't want them to end. These are the types of people and experiences to which we're drawn, these are our goals, objectives, but do even most understand?

These experiences come from links we've established, the bonds we've created, the relationships built... all make up our life experiences, but many of the major players are simply ignored, just like the evil tasks. Is this why people responsible for these kind of works ignore other important players?

Minorities and women are often neglected, ignored, which is more than half of the people concerned. Are we looking for someone else to do our work? Are we looking for someone else to fund what's most important to us? Are our strong bonds reserved just for our denying masters?

Many people are injured or killed on this part of the trail. No matter where we are on this difficult journey ahead, its still our home. No modern technology can save you, only common sense.  If you are tired, low on food and water or unprepared for this very strenuous journey, PLEASE TURN BACK. 

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