Suit and Tie Days

How did formal attire grow to be professional attire...

Dressing to impress who? Dressing for success? Am I caught in something I really do not understand, following a system designed to embrace and devour me?

Wearing this formal attire but not to a formal occasion? What does that mean to me? Is work formal, why? When I adorn my suit, tie and all that goes with it, what am I expressing to those around me?

Putting on my suit and tie, a set of garments made from the same cloth, consisting of a jacket and trousers, with a shirt, tie and dress shoes, what does that make me, how?

Today, more and more people are doing what they may call, "dressing for success or being professionally dressed, but is that so and why not?

Normally a suit is considered being formally dressed and being that so, means no physical labor will be involved as it may spoil your formal attire.

What happens when coat and tie, formal dress, becomes your everyday dress? Why do more and more people aspire to wear this formal dress, especially to funerals?

Dressing to impress who? Dressing for success? Where is the success and what’s with impressing yourself?

Normally, such formal attire would be worn to rituals and everyone would be included. But as today’s fashions have it, this formal attire is worn to impress or boast of some sense of superiority and inferiority, disguise as Professional Dress. This formal attire, worn as daily dress, signifies, to a degree, some level of importance in the pecking order and is most often used to sell you something. In other words, it puts you a cut above the rest of us – upper class attire, elegant and sexy. So, what kind of work are you planning on doing?

Ever heard the phrase “I don’t want to get dirty”? Well, these people are the dirtiest. The culprits, like gang members, are found in office environments, decision making and positions of authority… working for the people they truly despise. And even worse, their target audiences admire and work like hell to be validated by the same formal/professional attire.

Even though we say, “clothes/fashions doesn’t matter so much”, that’s a lie and we know it’s not right. The thing of this all is, the more people we have professionally dressed the less productive work actually accomplished.

To where does this lead? The perception of, being something you’re actually not and believing it all you want, will not change that! Like false advertising they’re scams selling inferior goods and services, especially in church. How do you feel when lured in by false advertisement only to learn the products and services are of inferior quality?

Is that what the pioneers wore to befriend Native Americans? Is it the dress of masters to separate themselves from slaves? Is it the dress of superiors to separate themselves from subordinates? Is it the pecking order dress?

The desire is so strong for this formal/professional dress all logic goes out of the window when wearing it. Fantasy, we become something other than real, on a regular basis. Did you know our society does not subscribe to the best products and services, but to the best marketing strategy? Now, you understand how all of these inferior products and services contribute to where we are today.

Foolish Clothing is a depiction of Jesters and Fools parading about in their pride. Clothes may disguise a fool, but his voice will give him away, even in church or religious ceremonies.

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Directions mean

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!