Taking time out

Does America strive off hatred? Patching holes in your fence... 

There’s something about the things you hate. Labor Day 2013, to recommit ourselves each year to the idea that everyone who works hard in America has a chance to get ahead. Get ahead of who, what?

When are you going to take time out for what you hate most? When the very thing you hate keeps showing up at your doorsteps? Why is one group running away from the other group and are we going to spend the rest of our lives running from each other?

Is there something seriously wrong with what you did yesterday? Did you build your home on a solid foundation or disgust with everybody but yourself? Were you too focused on providing for your family by taking advantage of those you tricked into serving you? Is there any more noble cause than to serve? Are you serving God?

You know how you spend all that time golfing, let’s just say, “playing games” and calling it rest and relaxation? If you love what you do, how do you call that work? People’s greatest excuse for not doing what they’re supposed to is because of work and how tired they perceive themselves after a days work. Most live to work and shop, what does that say about the rest of life? What does that say about all the stuff you’re screwing up at work makes you so damn tired you can’t do anything but play games in order to relax? Our whole lives are consumed with either playing and/or watching a game that has nothing to do with what we need to be doing.

As he was dying he wished he had taken much, much more time out of his life for the unique and real things in life. Ever had your priorities totally screwed up? Ever did that so long it became second nature? You’ve convinced yourself this is natural, no matter how unnatural? Why do you now think there’s something wrong with what you did yesterday?

After having several strokes, he wished he had taken much more time out for the real and more unique things in life.

Do you realize how we go through a whole life time only noticing the same old same old and most of that is because we’re too busy trying to achieve what is not real and unique in life? What is the use in having life if you never take time out for what’s real and different? There’s so much in life and it just right around us, yet we go through only looking at the grass on the other side and calling it greener.

Because of being too focused on what other say, we never even tried anything different than what we ate growing up. Your daddy hated niggers and now you do the same, all because you refuse to know any better. In all of what you know that happened to niggers and in all of what you ignored about niggers… you take time out for every other ass hole in the world, you even want to go over and help Syria… Is there something wrong with helping all these niggers, in need right around you?

Is it because niggers are too lazy to do for themselves, then what about them Syrian motherfuckers? Every other nigger in the world is better than them niggers right around you.

I look at some of the Americans who compare niggers to boogers, and I ask myself why do they spend so much time tearing down niggers? You actually spend more time and effort trying to keep niggers down rather than freeing your own self.

Is it natural to consider women second class citizens, Native Americans savages? Should any minority have to fight the majority for rights? Is it natural for a majority to take advantage of a minority? And that is exactly what the United States claim they do not do; yet the first to go discipline somebody else.

Getting ahead means a good education and a home of your own. It means health care when you get sick and a secure retirement even if you’re not rich. Above all else, it means a good job that pays a good wage.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!