Taste or Quality

FDA approval, helping or hurting

The FDA takes credit for everything good happening about food chain and we accept and respect this, but what's happening good? Why does quality suffer while prices soar? Does it contribute to the high rate of starvation? Why would we accept anything contributing to starvation?

How can you sell old food approved months ago, for fresh food. How can you sell food stamped fresh months ago, as fresh today? If people can and are willing to make and distribute counterfiet money why wouldn't they counterfiet an FDA stamp? Why do we believe the intergrity of our food chain to be so credible when all else is so corrupt? How can we hold anyone responsible when we're not responsible? How can we expect anyone else to know when we don't care enough to know?

One of the largest problems in America, if not the larges,  has to do with health care and nutrition, which is the root of all problems anywhere. What's the difference between malnutrition and over eating, both are extremes.

We are so busy figuring out more ways to profit than we are figuring out better ways to ensure quality. Consumers are all about taste and distributors are all about profits.

Where does trouble start? What do you need…Which is more important, why doesn’t it work?

We all want and claim we’re the best and we want the best, but why are we missing it? We say we’re the best at what we do, why are we so far from it?

Nobody is going to agree that they’re substandard, less than, cheap, lacking in knowledge or poor… but what good is knowledge when you don’t use it? What exactly is a balanced diet?

Family, based on your shopping standards, why do you pay more for less? How does that make sense? Is it all because of what someone else said? Buying food, how do you make your decisions and why? Why are you going to buy this substandard piece of meat, just because it has a red tag? What does a red tag mean to fresh and/or your health? If you eat substandard, you are what you eat and if you don’t care enough to eat the best food, you’ve started off on the wrong foot. If you compromise your integrity for food you’ve already compromised your integrity. And when you’ve compromise self, you’ve compromised ALL and this is just one example.

How many of us really know what we eat, from where it comes, how it’s handled, who handles it and when it was prepared? How do you avoid drinking the poison kool-aid? We’ve become so comfortable with others providing the essentials of life, while we go out to work for someone else to feed you? How can your body perform best on substandard food? That would be like bad fuel, on which a motorized vehicle will not properly run.

IF you don’t know any more about what you’re buying in food, you don’t know what you need?  It is the nutrients from your food that gives you the energy to do what you do. We all talk about God, but what good is God when you are so ignorant and negligent about what you’re consuming and this starvation, due to stupidity, is passed on from one generation to the next.

What is the nutritional value in fast-food? Do you buy because of taste or cost, so why do you pay more for less? If you’re buying cheap food how can you ever expect to afford healthy food? Supply and demand, why should distributors even attempt to provide quality food, when you settle of a lot less? Why should they try to make food affordable?

Why should you attempt to do your very best, when there’s no need, who cares, and we want to act like we care too much? How is that caring when you're teaching and feeding your children food, about which you don’t care enough or take time to insure it is the best nutrition, not the best you can afford? Is cheap affordable, then why do we boast about our food being good and affordable? What kind of products and services are these? Why don't we just refer to ourselves as CHEAP? Because cheaper is in such high demand we've lost all interest for nutrition and nutrition directly equates to quality.

Trouble starts at home.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!