HOw to Build and Work with a good Team?

We have all these political parties and affiliations, so many charitable organizations, churches network marketing, so why is there still a great need to work as a team?

There are so many corrupt people and organizations out there, people are terrified of any notions to work together. Most want you to do all the work while they have fun. If you just take churches for an example, are we doing what we're supposed  to be doing? And you wonder why shit just gets worse.

As team members we fail to understand we must be working for a common goal and not just for our own. As a matter of fact, if your own goal is in the picture, you already know you ain't going to do shit. Then there are those who want to be on the team but never contribute anything, no ideas, they just don't have a clue. The problem with this all is they cause you to think they know everything, just like the lady who uses a love spell to get back her man. Continue reading "I got my man back with the help of love spell " They will hang on as long as they don't have to carry any responsibilities.

White folk are a good example of this.

KEEP IN MIND... There's always one asshole who's going to drop the ball because it's not going their way. They always have a hidden agenda and that agenda is normally because you are so fucking cheap. You want good quality but not willing to give.

The fault in this is, they want you to jump for them but when it's your turn for them to jump for you, they have all kinds of fucking excuses. As long as the weak team member is on the receiving end, they're all for the group, but when it comes to them making their individual contributions, work, money, help... they're NSP's (None Sufficient Players). White folk are a good example of this selfish behavior.

A good team member doesn't have to be asked to do their part to make the dream come true, they're always eager to share and do their part. You don't have to ask for or demand human or civil rights, out of respect for self, they share them.

Who cares whether or not one person is beholding to another as long as you are doing your part to reach the common goal. Remember, the whole reason you're here is because of "the common goal" and everybody wants to best survive.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!