Technology and the Average American

Everyone would like to consider themselves average or above. This leads to a brighter future so we are told, but this is what's actually going on the way we do things...

We say, in the field of technology, we have made extraordinary advances, which says, we think ours are better than those before. But with our advances come even more setbacks, why?

Digital this, graphic that, we have so many “tempting tricks” to express what we mean but even less to express what is. All Americans want to do is sell and selling is how our technological advances end up costing us more than we ever thought. Americans do not buy a car anymore but accessories added to the car, like gps, music, satellite radio, cameras, heated seats, remote starting, bluetooth, aerodynamics, lights, wheels, power features, air condition... What does any of these have to do with the practical value of paying the astronomical price of buying a car?  And in five years, the car we paid tens of thousands of dollars for, just gets trashed or traded. Prices just keep skyrocketing and it is never paid for so what is the use in paying? The value is lost and all we want to do is look good from the outside because you cannot see these things from the inside.  

Then, to cover the never ending cost, we change faster than you can keep up and we call this “state of  the art”. It all comes across as the average American has access to all this technology, but in reality, all the average American has is more junk and another outlandish bill, hence more debt.

As great as our advances in technology maybe intended, somehow we end up using them for all the wrong reasons and therefore, having to create another to offset the last. It is like the radar and the radar detector, every time police get a new radar, we the people get a new radar detector. This is never ending cycle of beating the last technological advance, which means another idea, product and/or service in the trash. Speaking of trash, this is how and why we accumulate an overwhelming amount of trash.  Before you can even think about getting the first new car, another is already being produced.

The problem with all of this is, you stay more confused and consumed with the notion of having “the latest believing it to be the greatest”. This notion has led to a very selfish and arrogant attitude; nothing is good enough anymore because they will just create another.  Why save when you can do things like get more credit than you could ever pay back? Why pay back to just go in debt again? A job is our excuse for giving and receiving precious life-giving resources?

Now, we have all these jobs but nobody working because of technological advances and being cheaper to outsource. This notion has left the average American with a dead-end job, a job which causes him to struggle even more for what he needs and a job which drives costs even higher. If it is like this, the average American is working himself in the hole.

We are too corrupt, too pressured, too spoiled, too ashamed, to resist the temptation of being like the guy next door, especially not knowing how he got what he has.

The average American is no longer the average American because of immigrations. Heck, while the average American is learning to speak English, he is required to speak another language to assist immigrants seeking his livelihood,  huh.

The average American, we say has or at least has access to all this technology, but what we do not tell is the astronomical costs associated with having them denies the average American. Are Native Americans the average American? Are Black Americans the average American? Does the average American include anybody else in the melting pot, other than, White America? The average American is not those we say, but the average American is those just like me, denied and more painstaking difficulty getting access to life giving resources controlled by what they refer to as the average American. Even those who are gainfully employed are suffering from trying to maintain everything else. Is this why you cannot trust anybody?

Why must you have a job to live? Did not we have enough work before dedicating a lifetime to corporate (average) America? Now, our livelihoods hinge on our abilities to stroke corporate America, which is still not the average American. The average American is constantly struggling to receive the basics in life, a better job, a better house, healthier food and clean clothes. The average American only has access to technology through those for whom he works.

No, the average America is not treated with dignity and respect because he does not treat himself accordingly and that includes the new America.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!