That Old Time Religion

Safety and security, why did the old time religion allow us to fail?

The old time religion was the spiritual methodology adopted by an oppressed people to help them cope with their oppression. In this case it was victims of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. But when we were told by our oppressors that there was no more oppression, we were also persuaded to stop singing all that old oppression bullshit and we did.

Have you ever tried to curse out a machine? Do You realize all the underhanded tactics these mother fuckers employ to trick your ass into answering unsolicited sale calls, and no consequences? Don't you reckon Mr. Obama could have done something to relieve the pressure of these mother fuckers aggravating the hell out of somebody already with bad credit?

The thing about "that old time religion" is it was real, it was a time and a place where one human being was subjected to harsh and authoritarian treatment by another, and without consequence, supposedly and the only thing the oppressed could do was console each other with this old time religion.

Oppressed preachers actually visited the homes of victims to help minimize their pain and suffering.

There was also a song, a Negro Spiritual, which went along with this idea and time: Give That Old Time Religion - Author Unknown. Why do you think the author is unknown? Is this still the way all "song of darkies" are?

Even through all the pain and suffering they loved everybody. It was good for our mothers,...Made me love everybody,...It was good for our fathers,...It was good for the Hebrew children,...It was good for Paul and Silas,....It will do when I am dying,...It will take us all to heaven,... We still abandoned this methodology for a "we want what they got methodology" and we  think we deserve it. 

Under the old time religion Blacks banded together for their own safety and security. Whatever misery and trials, we were instructed to "take it to God in prayer". It was a very mysterious way in which the oppressed believed God worked, that we were brought into this world with nothing and therefore, would carry nothing out... and that was a BLESSING. So be satisfied with your NOTHING. Try telling the likes of Creflo Dollar this?

Now, is this the safety and security about which President Obama speaks? Does he really think "Going Back to School is a better solution? Does he want us to believe this is how he was elected? "2016 State of the Union Address"

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!