That Cat didn't quite make it.

He tried like hell but wasn't quite fast enough, such as life isn't it? EVer think about why somebody moved...

Just when you thought you had it going on??? Just why did that cat decide, at that moment, to run his little ass out in front of a speeding car?

He didn't know any better did he, we give a lot of excuses but none of which makes sense to taking a chance on a speeding car, especially when you don't know it's speeding? Not only cats, but cats are one of the strangest animals if you ever hit one. You kinda expect a dog, deer, possum... but cats seem to avoid trouble real good...nine lives.

We've got some real sharp cats in our society these days. I told you this shit was going to be funny.

Does it pay, does it really pay to chance such a feat, is the agony and pain worth it and you didn't even get to die, yet?  And these cats think you are stupid, you weren't watching your pet', but do you think he'll run out in front of another car? Do you think he'll get up and do it again? Somewhere along the lines this cat has got to know better, while they know everything else.

Disgusting isn't it, do you reckon cats ever look up or see road kill? 

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!