The Days Ahead Seem Impossible

When you can't find nobody to listen, somebody is quietly working and I have faith.

The hurtful, horrific wounds were just about healed and then, another love TKO! How is your fan club, everybody has a sad story. I've been fighting all my life, first to better myself by leaving my hometown, then 23 years in the Army, then divorce and now my country, is this what it is meant to? You wonder who the fuck is ever in your corner? The same entities I fought to protect, I must now fight to survive.

Fighting is "allegedly" the very reason my wife and I divorced, but courts act like they do not understand this. Blame, blame, blame, pay, pay, pay, instead of resolutions, is money  the answer to settling any dispute or does make things worse. No pain, no gain, waiting and working but you can't give up.

Every time, I've allowed her to have her way. Every evil thing she's ever done to me has gone unopposed and not because of guilt, but because she's my wife and I love her and my children. Why would you fight someone you love?

It is hard to fight an enemy you cannot see and even harder to enter dialogue with someone who refuses to communicate you. All they want is for your ass to PAY and it seems our government is okay with this. If I cannot help you, I will leave you alone, but not everyone practices this mantra. Watch out for their tricks. We can get him this way. Do you know there are people you can hire to find a way to get you?

My wife abandoned me and the disputes we divorced over happened 30 years ago, no crime charged. During the heat of battle, we both pursued some things against each other, none of which ever materialized. She wasn't reconciling with me and I wasn't paying her. We accepted this great travesty, in order to move in life, life is too short... so I thought.

It seemed everybody knew accept me??? Do you realize there is always a “motherfucker” out there trying to get what you got and to put you in a trick? They are dead set and determined to get rid of you by making you a villain and then a criminal, hell I worked in the White House while my wife was a student.

Even though you allow them to walk away unharmed and in peace, our system is setup to dig up from the grave and keep old ass disputes going.

Now, it would be different had I been charged with a crime or was accused of committing a crime but, while I was in the Army stationed overseas, my wife took our children and just walked away. Three months passed before I had a clue they weren't coming back. Do you think I had a reason to be "mad as hell"? But the only crime I committed was allowing her to “walk away without being opposed”. While allowing her to get away unscaved, she and her cronies took advantage of this opportunity to used the system to portray me as a deadbeat dad. She and her crooked ass attorney boyfriend cleverly devised ways of working the system, taking advantage of my reluctance to file charges against my wife, used time and my love for my wife to make it appear I was negligent in my support responsibilities, violent and abusive. Isn't that what they say about every black man?

Together, they trumped up every charge imaginable to "extort" money out of me, but I remained true to the agreement between me and my wife. Over time $30 in delinquent child support turned into $30 thousand, now it appears I have committed this great crime, worthy of being thrown in jail.  

They knew if they got me in the system, the system would be on their side and “follow me to my grave” for not giving them what they demanded..  From the outside, all looks civil but on the inside, these son-of-a-bitches were steady scheming. I can only imagine how much time they spent together and this has been more than 30 years ago, lol.

I knew her refusal to even talk about reconciliation of our marriage was a good indicator she didn’t want me in the first place and was fine with that but I'm not paying you for doing this. Long story short, I hated it for our children but thought no harm would come to them with their mom,,,wrong. She wasn’t going to do shit herself but is a great instigator and one could only imagine what this beauty young heartbroken woman, with three little babies, had to put up to afford this “family friend” lawyer to invest so much of “his” time and effort into helping destroy our already broken marriage and then me??? You got my wife and children, why do you want to destroy me and why should I pay you for this---crazy?

They ain’t going to do shit themselves but they’re always instigating. They are putting someone else up to do their dirty work and believe it or not, this is legal in America – guilty until proven innocent. Depends on which way you’re looking at things, but it is possible and easy to finger or frame someone for back child support, anyone who doesn’t want to fight back. If you refuse to fight and do nothing, you are setting yourself up to be automatically charged whether you committed a crime or not. They used laws created to target specific crimes within a certain ethnic group and sick the government on you. This is a giant loop hole in our child support laws, guilty until proven innocent.

These people are relentless in their effort and notorious for doing the unthinkable until they get you and our society supports this. This is all in our efforts to prove there are no loop holes in our statute of limitations for committing a child support crime. Those who are legally savvy take advantage of the legal system to frame innocent people – guilty til proven innocent. “We can get him this way” and disgruntled family members rest in peace knowing the government is going to spend the rest of your life making it as miserable.

No matter how much you may try to live in peace and harmony, and help your family, these people who were very close to you but now hate your guts are doing everything possible to fuckup your life, while making you PAY.

You may ask, well Art what did you do? Well, if I did anything to deserve this kind of treatment I wouldn’t be writing. Why would anyone in their right mind want to track you down and throw you in jail for back child support 20 to 30 years ago?

No fault of yours, your wife hates your guts, poisoned your kids against you, you never had a relationship with your kids, your kids don’t want a relationship with you and they are grown and gone. But not our legal system. They are going to keep tallying all that shit up, role it up into a snowball and make a criminal out of you and literally; there is nothing you can do, no way out prior to PAYING.

You do everything you can to help but nobody wants your help. You do everything to get help but there’s nobody, you can afford, to help and all you can depend on are the forces of our government to have mercy on your ass.

Because these family members treat you like a deadbeat dad and you don’t exist, one would think all parties would be happy going on about their lives without each other…wrong. That’s the way they treat you but they want their “cake and ice cream too”. Even though you’ve gotten over all this wicked shit, they still feel angry and revengeful, but if the shoe was on the other foot they would tell you about God, healing and prevention. Does time really heal anything? What good is this money? You can’t have shit but they think they are entitled to having it all, plus destroying what is left of your life.

Their attitude is they are somebody but you ain’t shit. Why would you be forced to pay for kids who disown you, you don’t know them and by now the oldest is in his thirties?

Living in peace and that is the appearance from the outside but on the inside they are steady making war. Do these kind of people really exist or is it all in my mind? Are they really after me and who am I for them to be after? Do I look like a push over? I don’t even live in the same state and it seems this country is not big enough to escape their evil wrath, but I have faith every little thing is going to be alright.

All those years of bringing nothing but hurt and harm to each other, our children, our families seem not enough? I think Al Green's song, "Let's Stay Together" is most appropriate to bring closure here.

 (((your inner

My marriage

My daughter

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!