The GREAT Wall of America finally breaking down!

Like China, Russia, Germany... there is a great wall in America.

Why no one talks about the American wall, as we talk about walls in other countries?

The Great Wall of America is a series of fortifications made of hatred, terrorism,  Jim Crow, Segregation, Racism, bigotry and other materials to support all of this. Its invisible walls of division stretches in every direction and exist in every facet of American life, disguising cronyism and corruption, domestic violence and abuse. 

One of the longest standing barriers between people, existing since 1492, it was built to defend and justify some of the greatest atrocities committed against mankind, yet everyone acts as if they do not know and could not see. Like a puppeteer to a puppet, your every move is controlled.

Though these walls are invisible, everyone knows exactly where they run, what's going on behind them and dare not cross. Instead of taking action to stop these atrocities, people profited from them, even the victims.

In 2015, the first piece of the Great Wall of America broke-down, starting with the Rebel flag. 

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!