The Liberator

What if I advocated liberation thru the manufacture and distribution of a 3-D plastic weapon, any person could download and print from a printer?

What if I created a poison whereby every person could drink, killing themselves and others?  Talked about your rights to bear arms or exit... what would be the difference between that, Dr. Jack Kevorkian,  Uganda's harsh penalties for homosexual sex, terrorism... People who fight terrorism have tendancies to be terrorists. Die you mother fuckers die!

Murderous minds, boy the world is such a better place, now I look at what am I doing in it? What's my purpose and how do I carry it out without being inhumane?

I'm saying listen to yourself to save yourself, they're saying you have the right to die via assisted suicide.

It's not the weapon itself, but the intentions of the people behind it. If I saw where we're progressively getting better through the use of small arms, concealed weapons then I would support all these gun control laws and practices. But all I see is death and destruction at the hands of irresponsible people against innocent people, all for the right to bear arms.

The worse it gets, the harder gun enthusiasts fight for their right to bear arms.. Even more troubling is how we all are ignoring the real costs of irresponsible gun control practices and procedures.

Helping others find help who are struggling in secret. Hurt, can’t work and too many bills, what can you do? How long does it take to recover from your first heart attack?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!