The News 2012

Less news, technology and STRESS?

For what kind of news are you searching?

Ever think about that? To what do I wake-up and go to bed? Why am I looking for news? Am I anticipating good or bad? Is it my curiosity or my desire to know what’s really going on? What good is this news, which I seek, doing for me? What can I do with the news I receive?

As technology advances, what about myself? Am I a better person based upon the news and information I’ve received? Can I better trust news sources and are they really making a good difference?

As I look around my communities, so I can make sound, more informed decisions, conduct an honest analysis of the current situations, all the evidence indicates that whatever I’m hearing is defeating my purpose.

Does good news sell and should that be the object of the news I receive? Whatever happen to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? How is “hearing” about what the fuck is going on in China helping me? Which way do I go? In which direction is danger? Who can I trust and depend upon, just in case of disaster? Does Katrina remind me of anything? Was Sandy any better? Am I fooling myself or what?

The local news, how is hearing a “one sided story” helping me? Who decides which news to cover, what news to publish and is that an accurate description of what’s really going on? Let’s take crime for example: Though we hear daily reports, both domestic and abroad, has the crime rate gone down or is it escalating? So, what does that tell me about the whole damn thing, the truth and nothing but the truth? Are relationships getting better or worse?

Is the news, reported by mass media, any more credible than the news I hear in the local gossip circles? Then, why are so many defending themselves against the news? Do they get the story right more than wrong? Do we make well-more mistakes than we ever do getting things right?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!