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The Power of Suggestion

What is everyone suggesting? Why are my thoughts being bombarded by theirs? Don't I have a choice? If you aren't careful sometimes you'll get in the habit of allowing yourself to be consumed by the suggestions of others.

Where are our patriots, real Americans, the baseball and apple pie guys? The Martha 'just got out of prison' success stories? The guys who are so pro America, united for all we stand? Ever been to a home and they don't offer you shit, not even a glass of water? What kind of hospitality is that? With all they have, rather than acting as if they have something they would like to share with you, they act just the opposite. Though they want you on demand, what is a poor man to do?

Where are our houses with character? As an American citizen, you see these lavish houses, suggesting "I" have too much money, but they're all designed so you can't ask them shit? What are they suggesting? Why aren't we as open and honest as we claim to be?

There's the Power of Persuasion - Your Inner Voice and there's the power of suggestion, which would you rather face?

The power of suggestion is very real and more deadly than any weapon of mass destruction, we can make. The proof of it's power can easily be seen in our advertising and marketing campaigns. How did we ever come to boast about eating sushi. Why didn't people talk about this before?

Why don't we encourage our people to think outside the box? Why don't we encourage each other to try the impossible, at whatever you're gifted? Would do you need to teach that?

What good is institutional knowledge, only if you can't get it at home. Why would we deny ourselves of this most precious knowledge. Why do we rather suggest tearing down instead of  building up?

Spending more time together you suggest, but to do exactly what? Is it supposed to be common knowledge or are we going to be a bit more deliberate in our final approach?

Time is another powerful tool, the good or bad of which depends on how you spend it. What is it exactly I can do for you? Why are we so afraid to answer that question?

Fear is another and the most common reason why we don't step outside our box, even when we think it.

There are words and ways that suggest power. You don't need to buy them, be taught them, but just know them. You have the power to suggest anything you want.

Right now, the only thing I'd like to suggest is fucking, due to all the stress. Lies upon lies, overwhelmed with bogus information, and material, bullshit, all i want is a good fucking. Mentally, emotionally, and physically drained I need a fucking vacation. I don't need no more of your how to ride a harley Davidson, how blessed and highly favored or Einstein bullshit, but a good fucking by someone other than my government or someone trying to betray me. And then, let's take it from there.

I've visited many locations and they "all" work on the power of suggestion. Most suggest failing but there are a few that suggest winning. NOw, why would anyone want to fail? Most just don't give a shit. They know less about what their selling than you do about plowing a field and that's dangerous, they sell you anything and you learn nothing, worthwhile anyway.

You get what you need by suggesting what you want? What does your home suggest? What are you suggesting? Through the power of suggestion, the war is easily won, without a shot being fired or a harsh word being exchanged.


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YOUR inner voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!