Think and Behave like You Are Dead

What's right with the world today and what can I do to help...

Why does something like a cell phone make billions of dollars and things to help us live a better life flop? Though we embrace the idea of modern technology, what did we do before? Were we better without especially since we know the horrors afterwards? Would you have ever thought people would be so negligent with something so handy as a cell phone?

Do they mean to be or is there something about things like cell phones that cause us to abuse them?

People do some of the most unthinkable things to other people and the more smart stuff we create, the worse we get. All because we think and behave like they’re going to live forever, wrong. Is this the way it is when we act like we live here? Is that really living?

The all wrong economy we’ve created, to whose benefit? And now we’ve got ourselves in this great mess, we’re in a serious state of denial. People are literally afraid to be themselves.

How do we commit such horrible crimes against one another?

We’re in denial about who can get us out, who we blame and we’ve allowed ourselves to be trapped by somebody else’s dream. Is tomorrow promised?

For what are we working? When you do great things for others you do great things for self, when we do bad things to others we do bad things to ourselves.

Think and Behave like You Are Dead or live by somebody else’s dreams?

(((your inner

Extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional

YOUR inner voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!