Train Your Mind Manage Your Thoughts

How do you feel? Do you really want to know why you're so confused, why our economy, health care....Is going there worse than where you are? Training the mind to manage your thoughts...

Ever been around people who don't want to do anything good? They would rather sit and look than participate? They would rather do nothing to reach out?

When going there is worse than where you are? They would rather burn a cross in your yard than welcome you to the neighborhood. Thoughts, how do you feel about your neighbors? What about the good and bad neighborhoods, aren't we in the same neighborhood? The black people and the white people..., but aren't we all the same people? Is that why your God made this world, are these even any of his intentions? How do you even think you can get to heaven? Why don't high energy people exceed low energy people?

It's absolutely amazing, astonishing, shocking how people think? Do they even think or are we just blindly following the status quo?

How do you know the status quo? They're the ones who dictate to you what you're supposed to and not suppose to do, while they do what they want. They over-rule your parents, they want to teach you parenting skills, but haven't they taught you enough? Did you lose your skills or did they teach you different? Who's responsible? What did they do to little black babies, think? Ever go on vacation to a low energy place, eat at a low energy restaurant, attend a low energy school...? How do you feel about that?

Have you ever felt like our society is designed by someone else for someone esle; how is that ours? Everything is in every language but African-American and they intentionally left you out? think about shit,,,and you ain't suppose to notice. as a matter of fact, you're suppose to love the shit and you do everything to make them feel you do and they still hate your ass? Reckon any of these folk know if you did not allow yourself to be a slave... that in order for things to change, we must change. 

In order to embrace self, we must first embrace each other. How can it be the other way around? How can you love you and hate me? What does anger management teach? is it I don't want to grow, my growth being impeded or am i depending on you? We helped everybody else reconstruct by why won't we help you and do we need it? Everything else recovered, why can't we?

Inspite of all the mean, hateful things done and now we're doing to ourselves, somehow, we've manage to survive. But now is time to strive for greater. We've voted for it, fought for it, but how, why does happiness continue to elude us?

We must push harder for greater, harder than we've ever pushed, harder than those before us have ever pushed, it is time to stand up and be GREAT! Not the plastic people great, but what we know as tried and true.

See what we'll accomplish, the potential. We know what you get for being hateful, lying and as hypocritical as hell. Why do we, why would we do that to ourselves? Why does any man, why would he even attempt to deceive himself? I love you but I hate your friend.

We know what we get by killing up everything, abusing land and resources, but what happens when we respect and honor everything given to us?

What will we get by being truthful? Where are the high energy people and what do they do? What do low energy people do? What are your loving qualities? On exactly what are you working to arouse yourself to greater creativity?

Always complaining, I ain’t got this, I ain’t got that, too hot, too cold, this hurts, that hurts, prices too high... Low energy people see big “I’s” and little “you’s”; and they’re the little “u” or the big “I”. Instead of working together, low energy people would rather go at it alone because they do not want to reveal their inferiority complex. They only want what they think others have. But what exactly will a good education land you and this sad saga goes on and on? Why does a person or people fool themselves? How do you benefit by taking advantage of somebody else? how do you teach it make someone else understand this logic? Where is the line of reality, do you expect them to catch-on? Why are you even in the middle? you love and help everybody else, but expect them to catch-on?

We say learning never stops, but what about training your mind? There is a way to manage your thoughts to accomplish whatever you need. Those who fail to pass “go” don’t because they kill their dreams in mid stream. They have low energy levels and if you listen to them too often so will you and that’s the danger to this all.

Low energy people want to do nothing more than take themselves back and forth to work.

People bursting with energy are constantly doing things to overcome. They laugh at themselves, their mistakes and figure out ways to overcome. They honor and respect themselves; accepting themselves for who they are and don’t take themselves too serious. They also see challenges as opportunities to be creative. They switch their negative thoughts as rapidly as they switch channels on their TVs. Because they see life as a game to play and enjoy, they radiate good health. They are fun to be around and love and accept people for who they are. They know action overcomes doubt.

Forget what others think of you. The most valued opinion should be your own. If you live in fear of what other people will say or think of you, it will hold you back from realizing your full potential and being the best you can be. Everyone's different; don't do what everyone else does just because you're afraid to stand out. Don't let people pick at your insecurities. REalize what they say and think really does not matter.

Train your mind to be obedient to your thoughts, that’s creativity. Creativity brings energy and positivity to your life.

(((your inner

Creating things are revealed

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!