The Transgender Push

The message behind the Gender?

Remember how American men treated their women, less respect, second class citizens, the hard fought battles for "women's rights", even in front of our children? Equal rights? Know how domestic violence and abuse runs rampart through American culture? How our country is plagued by scandal upon scandal, even religious? Noticed how we're plagued by racism and discrimination, especially against our women, children, elderly, veterans...? How there's one standard for our wealthy and a lower standard for our people? How do you grow out of all this, much of which still goes on today?

Going beyond “same sex marriage” are those who publicly and freely want to express themselves, as the opposite sex - beautiful -Equal rights? But while doing so, they’re confronted with much resistance, violence and abuse from fellow Americans. Which is more acceptable, a man or woman sporting an Army uniform or a man walking around in a dress? Remember, we just allowed women the right to serve, the right to vote and we still don't pay them as much as their male counterpart.

In a society where this is all new, but in a world where this is old, the majority of people are confused, view this as unacceptable behavior, therefore violence and abuse is justified. But what happens when violence and abuse goes uncontested?

One human being is saying I have the right and freedom to express my sexual preference and society is saying we will burn you at the stake if you do.

It is so sad to hear so much controversy over a fellow human being’s sexual preference and even sadder to witness such violent reactions. Why is it so hard to refrain from judging people and even worse, tolerating the use of violence and abuse to confront personal preference? It's like tolerating atrocities like genocide, slavery...

Is it because we feel somehow threatened and/or a control thing we must force others into submission? Is this kind of bullying worse than the transgender act itself, is it justified?

During my life I remember all the lies, deceit and betrayals. How did we earn the right to write a treaty telling the "rightful owners of this land, this great country, how to live?

I’ve learned what used to be wrong, just might one day be right, so don’t be too harsh, quick to blame; especially when it comes to the sexual preference of others. How can you dictate how anyone should love, why? Now, the new problem is, what do we do to escape our own heartless, hypocritical behavior?

The transgender push says, “you ain’t quite as free as you would like to think” and the resistance says, “ we’re not quite as civilized as we would like to think”. It’s too hard for some to accept this notion, much less practice. Why is it so hard for them to accept you when they have no problems accepting you?

It's totally disgraceful how American leaders and family men treated their own women, children, families, friends and invited guests; and upon the hills of all this violence and abuse, stand idly by, accepting the abuse of another human being, fellow American, all because of their "sexual preference". 

Like it or not, same sex, transgender is all a product of our environment, we created this so let's take responsibility for once. With respect to yourself, treat all people the way you want to be treated.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!