UNhappy Relationship

What do you dislike about me?

Other than being Unhappy what do unhappy relationships have in common?

Traits unhappy couples have in common

Does it matter if you're married, neighbors, coworkers or just a friend? First you adored each other, admire intelligence and are magnetically attracted.

Soon after getting comfortable in each other’s company, cracks appear in the relationship.

Some of the more common ones are jealousy, financial problems, cheating, control issues and if you get pass all of those, then there’s personal issues, like running out of stimulating conversation, they just don’t look the same…you are a saver and they are a spender, you like nice and organized and they could take it or leave it, you like clean and they say clean it yourself.

Though these disagreements are insignificant on their own, you’d be surprised at how quickly they can destroy a potentially good relationship. And it’s not necessarily the habits themselves but the unwillingness of one partner to compromise, just like our world today.

People come into relationships with issues they never even recognized and they take for granted the position of their partners in this regard – why don’t you cook on a regular basis. WHY MUST YOU YELL???,,,Why didn’t you come straight home? Why was he looking at you like that? I can but you can’t. You never help me with the…

Most relationships are dead before they ever get started due to the lines of communications being censored. Hence, your relationship is destroyed and you’re baffled about how it ever happened.

How do you know negative criticism and double standards if they are all you’ve ever been exposed to and don’t know any better? And negative criticism does not always start with profanity, yelling… but often include words and actions that cast doubt. Racism, must you say anything to be a racist? The thrill is gone.

In the U.S.A most people are just unhappy with themselves. If a couple is able to grow together, then they’re able to stay together. But the minute one or the other stops growing, so does the relationship.

Those that do Unusual/nontraditional stuff are much happier than those doing usual stuff/traditional. So, instead of following the status quo, your relationship stands a better chance by being different and accepting those differences and taking TIME out to enjoy each other without being so concerned about the validation of others.  

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!