Unscathed—but alone!!!

Women who believe themselves to be professional create relationships that are very unprofessional.

Then, they blame who? Are you a victim of this?

There is a reason for everything. Women who think they are too good for the men coming into their lives are nothing more than "gold diggers". They see themselves as what the optimal woman "should be", failing to realize how wrong they are or they would not be of this attitude. Gender does not matter, but attitude does.

Many women feel they are too good for the men available to them. Too often you hear women complaining about the men they allow into their lives – money issues, education issues, religious issues, baby daddy issues, incarceration issues...but if you look a little closer, you will understand why - arrogance.

Ever see people who hate anything that does not look like them? Ever see men who are stuck on themselves, their cars, horses, boats, wheels, clothes, jobs, churches, religions??? Obsessed with their own appearance because it is not their reality.

These women view themselves as victims of the system, have their own warped ideas about things like a God-fearing man, an educated man... when they are just looking for someone to blame for their own insecurities. They are just looking for that man who they believe meets everybody else's description of successful. Just like with hairstyles and beauty, we are too occupied with trying to look like something or somebody we are not. 

They see themselves as “all but flawless” and that is why they are so critical, demanding and never satisfied with the man in their lives. Instead of working together, they think doing things like going to church, going to movies, going, going, going are going to help their relationships. When all they want is to be seen, more attention and looking like. They fail to realize we have more churches, more schools, more of everything... than ever before, yet a more corrupt society and this kind of attitude is to blame. 

As they relic in materialism, their fine clothes, houses, cars, jobs, purses, formal education, status, position, power, they fail to realize this is the same trickery which got us where we are, pitted against each other. And Black men, trying to be honorable, fall prey to this temptation. Oh, yes,just like any other bad habit, these women are hard to ignore.

They feel doing more of the same old same old will yield a better result - insane. They do not want to change but drag you into their already miserable and selfish world, they call things like: unscathed, virtuous, God-fearing...

All their issues stem from “entering into relationships for all the wrong reasons”. Relationships just do not go sour because they went sour, they go sour because we neglected whatever it was to make them grow. One CEO says, "you can build a good business selling bad coffee, as long as you are consistent". That is very true, look at all the inferior products bringing huge profits.

Had you paid more attention to "your" relationship and less attention to the standards on which others base theirs, then you would be more instrumental in creating and nurturing your own-satisfied. Relationships are just like gardens, if you do not maintain yours, how can you expect a decent harvest?

Too often we are busy trying to imitate what we believe others are doing and what others say to do. But I am here to tell you, “no two relationships are the same”. The good relationship you are trying to emulate next door, you do not know what’s going on behind closed doors. You do not know the reality of what’s being presented versus what’s really going on.

If you firmly believe people come into your life for a reason and a season then you had better change your attitude in order to receive your blessings. As long as this holier than thou attitude persist, there will be no common ground.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!