Voices Fighting For You...

These voices are actually fighting against you.

Is this food for thought or is this FACT: Politicians and Mass Media Filth

There are Voices fighting for you in a highly publicized fight and they are presented to you on highly censored weekly televised programs. Not a word, not even a sound bite escapes without being programmed to support their destructive agenda, from sitcoms to press conferences, religion to entertainment. These voices portray themselves as voices fighting for you, when they are actually fighting against you.

Actor calls sitcom  “filth” and urged people to “stop watching.” What’s the difference in that sitcom and all the others? Politician calls President Obama destructive and vows to defeat him. What’s the difference in that Politician and all the others?

How is any of this a commonsense or a constitutional approach to anything good, wholesome and healthy? Is this helping to keep the peace and bringing the country together- life, liberty, happiness? How are you happy doing these kind of things?

What do you do about it? What next, because whether you take action or not, something is going to happen?

Politicians create popularity contests to fight for our values and stand up for our shared beliefs. Who’s fighting against? Where are the shared beliefs? When it’s all said and done, everything is for Special Interest Groups?

Voices fighting against President Barack Obama want to hear from you and learn what concerns are most important to you, from rising taxes and debt, to Obamacare, soaring gas prices and gun control . This is a highly publicized fight to repeal all efforts of President Obama and to expose and defeat this President. He's the #1 target for defeat, at all costs.

Who ends up suffering most, will it continue to be “you and me”?

Controversy, do your thoughts, words and/or actions indicate any “indifference to, disrespect for [or] a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunities of which we have been blessed”? All because of pressure to conform and money…

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!