Volunteer Security and Neighborhood Watch

How do we fuck up everything, why? Will the real criminal please stand up?

Something so simple, necessary, such a nice gesture and neighborly duty, but do they work?

Why is my neighborhood so crime ridden and your neighborhood squeaky clean? That shit makes wonder doesn't it? It makes you think the people in charge providing security products and services are nothing more than criminals themselves. The more security shit we get, the more security shit we need. It's like the radar gun and radar detector, the same people build the same shit and we're stuck in a rut fooling each other.

We don't condone speeding yet we build faster and faster cars, highways, radar detection... the saga goes on and on.

A friend of mines home was burglarized and out of feeling guilty, went to her local Neighborhood Watch Meeting. She was more terrorized, traumatized after attending the neighborhood watch than before going? Why is everyone inside sitting and being entertained by who can tell the biggest lie - embellishing the truth. After listening to all their embellished stories you feel more helpless than before.

We have more sophisticated security systems, but why would we need them if the others worked? Someone said, after 40 years we still do not know. Said that the reasons for this, and the difference between a good and a bad neighborhood-watch program, are still unclear??? But that's a lie too, see what i mean about the real criminals?

The real criminals are corruption and race in America. The biggest crooks live in exclusive neighborhoods. They do their dirt undercover and the little crooks are so greedy for money they actually carry out the dirty work, under the disguise of doing their job. The phrase "I'm just doing my job" tells it all. How does it work with one crook watching another?

What's the difference in Stand Your Ground law, youth fashion and  “take matters into his own hands”? We set ourselves up for the kill by trying to be too thorough. Common sense goes out the window and now the neighborhood is being terrorized by a gun toting idiot, trigger happy to shoot the first thing that moves, even innocent kids. It's then you phone the local authorities and they find a way to cover up your stupid bullshit with some kind of justification law.

If you're sending your love ones, especially your children, off to Florida, you might be concerned about the American system of justice and equality there.

This land is your land this land is my land, but I see you as not belonging here, after dark! Were there these kind of laws and rules, spoken or unspoken? Were they specifically designed against a people? Was it because white america did not want black america in their neighborhoods? Why and is it still going on? Killing a nigger?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!