What's written on YIV.com vs. Mass media

New and Exciting, but what's the difference in what I write and what mass media publishes? Why, how do they get so much attention, money...? Am I leaving me out?

What's the value in what I do? Is it worth it, am I doing anything worth-a-shit, is it good to anything? Rights of passage? If I wrote something, I sure would want it to be important to me. And if I had to spend my time reading it, I sure would want it to be worth my time.

What I write about compared to what they write about? How do you avoid conflict? How do you get better from the inside out? Does it ever change the way to be your best, has it ever changed and is it following someone else? Who knows better than you? They say you should never compare, so what about Face Value Integrity, is that it? Are we lower on fuel than we are face value integrity? If we had Face Value Integrity would we even need fuel?

Are we losing it or gaining it, with all the various means of technology? We've so many more means to communicate, but so less meaningful communications? Is it my dream to be rich or what do rich people dream?

The difference in what I write and what they write? Are we better behaving as a society, then why not? What is your primary source of information and what should it be? How reliable are informants and sources? Face value integrity.

What they write about is all about them, it's what they think the public will find interesting. It’s not all the news, but the news they select for you, think you need to see, whether you need it or not and some kind of way, they know you want to see it.

Mass media is all about the here and now, reporting shit that was resolved years ago. Nothing worthwhile, unless it first profits them. The whole idea of mass media is to portray themselves in a positive imagine, a light, so they may be considered the "absolute" authority and that's why you should trust them.

But are we more or less trustworthy, churches and all? So, what's really happening when you live in your own little world of "make believe"? What happens when you actually start believing that shit? Executions, Capitol Punishment, are we getting better or ridiculously worse? Do we know the difference?

This mass media thing took off with newspaper, radio and tv, I don't know what it was they could do for us, we couldn't do for selves? What can a tv, radio, computer, ipad... do for you, you're not willing to do for self?

To discern truth from fiction, they use approval and editing processes, which further compromises and distorts the reporting process. He said, she said... and then they call it diversified, unbiased, important information you need to know, but is your life better? YOur sense of safety and security, is it more or less? Then, why gun control while even more public shootings, at a younger age, in schools and churches?

It's a no brainer to me, if you really want to live, do you eat more hamburgers or healthier diet? Which one will significantly improve your chances of longevity? Talking about more stress and depression... Why are our jobs becoming more demanding when there's more technology or tools available to get the job done? We have more lawnmowers, yet even more roads need cutting. MOre places to go, yet even less to do?

So, why does truth need to be approved or edited and why are we still so caught off guard? Well, if we weren’t caught off guard there would be no news to report? It’s all about who shot john last night and more for entertainment than important events around the world to better help us behave, as a society.

If the news and information we’re receiving over mass media is so critical to better living, then why are  the standards of living for our society getting lower, while crime and costs skyrockets? Why are we more economically and socially deprived? Now, I’m not just knocking mass media here because it’s ultimately up to the viewer, but it just goes to show how easily the public can be swayed into bullshit.

Why should anyone ever listen to themselves and do all these distractions aid you in building a better society? And is what we’re doing considered living?

Mass media is our primary source of information and a significant force in modern society, particularly in America, because it’s fueled by corruption and money, which is directly correlated to what’s going in our society. Who encourages us to do the best thing or are they just doing our jobs to earn more money?

What I write is about life, what you NEED to live in harmony with other human beings. Face value integrity is very rare these days.

Where did our integrity go? Is $5 really $5 or is it $3.50?

So, whose really teaching us how to live?

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up to date, it's your reminder,  important for everyone around the world and notify us on the norms of society and how we are expected to behave and now it's all just bullshit.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!