Where are the bums?

Bum knee, bum deal, a bum rap...

A person, place or thing, is it? Who’s that, what are you doing, sounds kind of silly because it’s so seldom asked, Memories.

A bum is just that, remember when we “used to” describe people as "bums", meaning of of poor quality; bad or wrong, loaf, lounge, idle, wander, drift, meander?

A bum just keeps barrowing things? Have you ever seen a professional bum, they make you feel like you owe them, just because they had nerve to bum a cigarette, money, food...? What about your credit score?

 Maybe you’re in a train station, bus station, union station, London Station, there are bums at every level, color, religion…? I can’t think of a situation where a bum wasn't involved, desired or undesired? There's always one out for a "free ride". 

Bums start out with good intentions and whatever it is, it’s all about you. There's no shame in the mind of a bums. They think they are just as capable as you are, but just a different approach. They just have to try you, just because of that silly ass look on your face, attractive to bums. The look says, you just don't know what to do, is it for real or not? It took me a long time to understand that if you carry yourself in a certain way, you attract certain things.

It has occurred to me that our bodies are something like magnets, electrical fields, karma or whatever you want to call it, but we have the innate ability to attract some things, just as we’re attracted. Well the problems start when you try to deny yourself, especially when someone has asked for something which wasn't easy for you to get. When you’re attracted to something you know, then emotions get involved, you're concerned how others may feel and convince yourself you aren’t. In this situation, you’re dead from jump street because "natural" has gone out the window, you're violating your own feelings, an unnatural state of being, and whatever decision you make will be for the wrong reasons. Like bees to honey, this is how we get bums.

Before, bums were ashamed of themselves, but guilt driven,  we changed our value systems to be more accepting of bums, bums are dominating all we do. Our society is infested with bums, even in the classrooms, church, streets...

And what we don't won't to admit is, we're living with bums. Do you reckon Hillary will ever admit Bill is a bum. Do you reckon Bill will ever admit he's a bum? As the old saying goes, "A man that cheats on his wife will cheat on anybody". So, that turn the other cheek shit is now causing us to suffer.

Talking bout labels, was a bum a good thing to be, will he, she, it ever?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!