What can be done to improve relationships between police and communities

Which communities and why do they need improving?

(((He had a gun, he had a knife))), he ran, he resisted, but are these reasons to shoot a fellow American? If this is the case what is the difference between police and military. Could not a lot more of these weapons be better used in defending a country, rather than defending a person?

Police against violence, but they use violence to resolve violence and we believe this violence is justified, even we know it works just the opposite. We disregard/ignore the escalation factor???

Why are Americans so divided? Decades of ongoing mistreatment and abuse of power by police, but towards whom and is it justified?

With dignity and respect, but how do police use this??? Police have evolved into the only law enforcement "feared" by the people. When things get out of hand, they are the only legal body you can call. People are not allowed to police themselves and this is how police will so much power. But none of this is new. To help ease racial tensions, minority police were hired, but this method of easing tensions has only further escalated them. Minority policemen participate in the same level of crime and corruption committed by the very law enforcement professionals in which they were hired to make a difference? There is something about the secret creed between police and the desire of low ranking officers to be recognized.

Though we want to treat our policemen with dignity and respect for which they were hired, the hiring officials have failed miserably at their jobs. Policemen are used as tools hired to carry out the evil orders of their superiors. That is how they can get away with committing crimes against humanity. As long as these evil crimes committed by police meet the conditions of their evil superiors, a blind eye is turned, a new precedent established and the law is on their side.

This is why crime continues to escalate and the more police we hire the more crimes committed and the wider the gap between police and community, all of this which is suppose to work just the opposite.

Police use cleverly manipulated stats to justify their existence, but who gives these stats. Increased crime, but no one ever entertains the fact that the more police we hire the more crime committed and the more stressed relations are between police and the people they are hired to protect and serve. We keep doing the same old, same old, yet expecting a different result.

The level of corruption in our society is so high now, it is easier than ever to manipulate the system, be undetected and have the law on your side.

Intentional or unintentional, little criminals carry out the work for big criminals and big criminals cleverly disguise their evil intentions. It is the same for our society, little people work for big people, without regard to the ethical or moral intent of the tasks they are perform. Most excuse themselves by saying: "I am just doing my job".

The way our corrupt system operates, there are two groups of people to be protected, those who hire police (small in number) and those who pay for the hiring of police (the masses). Now, which one is  police suppose to be committed to serving? Then, why are there two?

Just like police, regular citizens are just as guilty of carrying out crimes against humanity, all for a "paycheck" and are well rewarded for this.

Who will be the first, who will muster the courage to put down their weapons and use more humane ways to resolve our disputes.

If you want to see a lower crime rate, if you want better relations between people and police, then you had better address those who employ police to protect them from the masses.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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