Living in a world that's quickly fading?

What did they know we've forgotten?

What exactly are the simple things? Can they be bought? All the smells of nature smothered by lingering odors of bustling cities and stuff like febreze products. How is that protecting the land and water? Smell is one sense we've totally numbed.

No clocks or calendars. Enjoying the simple things of life, a strong connection and dependence on nature and respect for “all” in it, automatically earns them the greatest respect for self. And when you have the greatest respect for self, you respect all.

Today, you see the future, is it what it is supposed to be? Do we even, can we trust self? They  never abandoned their tradition and there had to be a good reason. What is our reason today for what we call progress, this is it really, do even believe it holds a match, are we any better than, do you consider being a cowboy killing, a viable way of life? Would they even feed a hungry man, would you? What about the human lives they destroyed? Is today worth it?

I don't know about you, but my body continues yearning to be free. I know there has to be a better way and the proof is yesterday. If my today is not as good as yesterday, we've got a problem or telling lies.

If i can trust less people today than yesterday, "we've" got a problem. We boast of a lot shit but, it is what it is, believe it or not. Why would I think i'm free with cameras going up all around? Get real, stop fucking fooling yourselves. The threat is delusional but quite obvious.

The safety and security is slim to none as long as you are in denial? Why do you think you need someone to save your ass? Why would you need saving if you ain't done shit wrong... Keep it reall.....

We've got some real delusional motherfuckers in this country and will do anything to make themselves shine. It's a sad day when you can't trust nothing, but you believe a camera. Isn't that like starting to believe your own bullshit?

Why take courses you don't need or use? Who da fucks speaks english these days. You sure as hell can't understand these cracker motherfuckers living around me today. On top of all that, through all these crocked ass niggers in.

Ap[auling, you're in for a "rude as awakening". Slave or no slave, how do you persuade your enemy to fight your battles? How can you persuade a white American to give you freedom? If you must go through all the bullshit he or she has established for you, what the fuck does that reveal to you. A man even gets sick-n-tired of his wife telling him what to do?

Rules are made for who in America? Why in the hell do the owners need rules, regulations, policies, procedures, how much organization can you stand, you don't understand? If they, whoever the hell they is, treated their women bad, what do you think they are doing to you? Does that treatment include kids? Why didn't white American women include kids in their women rights struggle? If they did, i know nothing of it.

What the hell was their women doing while they were out planning all this war bullshit, is it the same with us?

THis is nolonger about color, but survival? then why ae we preaching religion, ain't got no jobs, overwhelmed with depression, crime, corruption,,, yet saying it is not so?

When was the last time you invited a stranger to dinner, what does that say about your chances of inviting Jesus Christ? Do you think you would know him?

Any man who would argue about the color of jesus, santa claus,,, don't that tell you he or she ain't got no fucking sense. yes, he's crazy as hell and certainly can't be depended upon.

What do you call it when "your parents lie to you"? I'm thinking something on the lines of perversion, with great potential for molestation. And what do we have today, the largest most profitable industries in the world,.. I know,  you'll never guess or  you're to self-righteous to admit.

What's wrong with it or is it US? Simple shit, KISS, now made complicated. Fear of terrorism, career ladders, autos that go nowhere, energy at soaring prices, poor medical for diseases we created, hatred, locked in our own nuclear gas chamber... all this shit. 

Stressed like hell, trying to climb some make-believe ladder, while real people come in here and get your jobs and if that ain't enough to tell you your services are not needed, They're sending good jobs overseas, because it's more economically feasible??? Why is their homeless more important, more employable than our homeless? It is a business deal isn't it?

The real sad part about this all is there's no working together, but we say it is. The optimist and the pessimist, both guilty of carrying out war crimes. We think it to be heroism, a war hero, but where are war heroes for peace, freedom, without negative criticism, making the world a better place and not just "my world".

Living in a natural environment is what we've forgotten and living in a artificial world is what we've created. Nothing is real but we believe it, live it, sell it, is this a good deal? What good are the traditions you abandon? If they are used up, no more good for you, then, what good are they to anybody? Who in their right mind would abandon/giveup something they still need? Who in their right mind would create so many laws they can't remember or enforce them?

Nobody's dying but people are being killed everyday and we call this GOOD. It's of all this, I set my soul free. The simple, basic shit is timeless, can't be violated and if so, the consequences of out of the hands of man. Don't you think God was at least that smart or do you believe surveys, studies, documentaries, schools...?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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