What is My Greatest Stimulus in Life?

Capitalism in a Democratic Society yields aggression and depression.

I ask this to reconfirm my "why" in life. You can be so caught up in what society dictates you have no earthly idea why you’re doing what you’re doing and the next thing you know is you’re lost and don’t understand how to get back on track. But is this what our society wants? Do we really want you to be lost, so you must depend on an already over-burden system?

It is sad you have to get so old to learn you’ve been working for all the wrong reasons. It’s crazy, so much hurt and pain with what’s going on and we must get back to being a community for our livelihood to get back where it is supposed to be.

Society dictates the greatest stimulus should be monetary, it’s the all American thing to do and it is called capitalism in a democratic society, but is this okay, can this work and does this work?

Contrary to popular belief the two don’t even make sense together, so why are we so determined to say it does and impose this system throughout the rest of the world?

Most mornings I wake up with a smile, eager to get my day started, but it is very short lived due to my employment and financial situation, which brings nothing but bad stress and depression. Do things really go that much better, if you are gainfully employed? Why do we keep lying? How can bad results be a good motivator?

Why must I have all this material possessions in order take advantage of what is due to any citizen or human being? Is this quest for money a strategy to pressure me into another dead-end job? Why do we call dead-end jobs productive and necessary? If these jobs were so productive, then why isn’t our society going backwards instead of forward?

We talk about how controversial and offensive others are to us but what about the other way around? Is our system of justice anything like what we say and/or think it ought to be, why not?

As we’re obsessed with debt and credit, we’re fully consumed with trying to achieve it and even crazier is you become a suspect when you have a large amount of cash in your possession. Even more crazy, your problems only increase when you have money - capitalism and democracy?How do you put monetary value on safety and security, why -- Aggression and Depression?

Is it because we woke up today with only the things we thought of yesterday? Is it if you have money you are recognized, but still not accepted as a fellow human being?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!