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What's so good about getting old?

Ever wonder why older folk respond differently than younger folk and why those who act like they do not, look so stupid? Hatred is a tough thing to get over and that is why we're so busy loving what we love most, but is this what love is all about?

This Valentine's Day, most will wake up going through the same old motions, like making somebody you already love feel even more special than ever? After sixty years of living, this time I challenge you to do something different and here's why: What to expect after sixty?

  1. Your friends lists is growing shorter instead of longer and finding new friends is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  2. You hear shit that nobody else does. What's that clicking noise?
  3. You see a lot more shit you want but too old to have. What happens to a woman's body as she ages, do you actually see that?
  4. Shit that used smell good to you, now smells exactly like that. That sweet smelling perfume is now on somebody to mask vapor rubs.
  5. Feelings, your feelings are: What can go wrong next, what pain can be greater than the pain you're experiencing right now?
  6. Seeing, every little thing looks suspicious, because you can't remember shit and the shit you do remember matters not to what is actually going on. Don't ever ask a person over sixty years of age what the fuck did they see.
  7. Nothing taste like it used to and no matter how different the food you eat, it all taste the same. And what you used to chew up in a matter of seconds, is now a sixty minute ordeal. Ever wonder what all them "choking warnings" were about? 
  8. You are going to break that! That's going to fall? Don't do this, don't do that??? Shit just does not move like it used to. What used to be fast and exciting is now dangerous and scary as hell. 
  9. What used to bend and stretch, now breaks. Lifestyle changes, even the slightest little difference in movement is a potential lifestyle change.
  10. What time is it? What time did you say it was? Come on, let's go, we're going to be late....Like you really got somewhere different to go, other than to medical appointments. Where did time go?

Valentine's Day, is one day in the year, set aside to recognize somebody, anybody other than yourself. So forget about all your aches and pains of going through the same old motions and do something to bring pleasure in the life of someone you are least likely to love.

What is so good about getting old, absolutely nothing. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 2016!!!

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St. Valentine's Day Forever

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!