What's Happening To Black Americans 2015?

I'm sadden to have to write such disturbing news, but it gives me great pleasure to alert and inform you of the storm on the horizon.

Though we know, we don't want to face this harsh reality, it too disturbing, upsetting, better to go on to hell with evil ass people than stand up to what we know. Do  you understand what a "wannabe" really is?

Americans can be so preoccupied with climbing the career ladder, just trying to make ends meet and fail to realize there’s no such thing, especially for Black Americans. We can be content with the fact, that as long as we’re working on a job sponsored by White America, we have nothing to worry about. Then, we see what happening to other Blacks around the world as having nothing to do with us. We can take refuge in the thought that as long as White America is happy with the lack of progress, so are we.’

But, what would you say to the notion, that all Black Americans do is make White America wealthier? What about the notion of Black Americans being suitcase niggers to White America, you only exist when they need you?

The greatest crime of this all is: Black American goes along with the program because they like the physical benefits, even though we profess how spiritual we are. What is the corporate ladder and who does it benefit? It has very selfish benefits because it only benefits corporate America and YOU. Did you know Corporate Black America are not allowed to help mainstream Black America?  White America has the system so bogged down with red tape, that you end up paying them in order to help Black Americans. Nothing has changed, it is just as dangerous to help mainstream Black America has it was yesterday.

If it is happening to President Robert Mugabe why isn't it happening to you?

It appalls me to know what’s actually happening to Black America and to know we refuse to make the necessary adjustments only slows down the tragic inevitable. But if you see this before you can prepare for the devastation. The problem is most Black Americans don’t believe slavery or worse can return to them. We trust our rights which were given by those who oppose us. Can anyone who abused you give you rights?

“Voting Rights Act, there has been a concentrated effort to undermine this historic law and turn back the clock on its progress.”

Is this something new or a confirmation of what we refuse to recognize? Is this reality or an illusion we’ve created out of guilt and to receive favor from those who oppose us, just because of color? Even though we know what we refer to as progress is only a cloak to hide more cronyism and corruption. Why would any man take pleasure in destroying an innocent people, knowing the very same process is going to result in his own demise?

Whose trying to dis-large White power in American as White Power in America is always trying to dislarge Black

Why would any man take pleasure in entertaining, being gainfully employed, living in the neighborhoods of the very people who opposes them? Why do you take pleasure in receiving favor from anyone who directly opposes you? Your livelihood is threatened when the livelihood of your very own people makes progress, so you take it to your advantage by creating a ladder and as long as you’re at the top, everything else is okay.  

If it is happening to President Barack Obama, President Mugabe who have done everything they could to “kiss the asses of them who oppose us, then why don’t  you know this is happening to you, who are doing even more to kiss ass? 

I do this because I want to be saved and as many as can be to be saved, just like our lying ass Preachers, Teachers, Politicians, Leaders, Businessmen, WannaBes... We want so much to be "accepted and saved" by White America, we've lost our sense of what reality really is.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!