When Your Children Grow Up To Be Liars

HOw do you look in a lie?

How accurate is your mirror? Are mirrors without fault?

We’re all liars some might say and rightfully so, but how does that help anything? Is it how you look to you or how you think others see you?

Today’s world is so full of liars you hardly know where to learn the truth. Liars have no particular characteristics, other than deceiving. As a matter of fact, the best liars are masters of disguise. Does living a life of lies make it alright to lie? They say White folk are best at this game.

Just like with anything else, as long as the lies benefit us we accept them, but when we find ourselves betrayed then we’re the first to be upset. So, with whom will you develop an alliance and why with a snake?

Who wants a lying as spouse? When you accept these “white lies” then you open yourself up to more serious lies. When you accept lies from little kids, what do you expect when they grow older?

Distinguishing between which lies are acceptable is a bitter pill to swallow, while one would expect to deceive their enemies, and it is this fact which justify the lies we tell. Even as good as one may strive to be, lies will be told for and against.

People lie to make themselves appear superior to friend and foe, some call it protecting themselves and this vicious cycle continues to spiral out of control. Preachers, Educators, Officers, Politicans, college students and professionals have become our most notorious liars, as they push their hidden agendas. The more power and prestige the more reasons to lie, which is just the opposite of what we practice. A doctor is most apt to lie, as to attempt to cast away any feelings of doubt. People who are expected to be the most trustworthy have proven themselves to be the least trustworthy. Can I change my identity and still be true to self? Is it the mirror, the observer or both?

Our parents set the stage for the lies we accept. Deceit is the strongest characteristic of survival and to best survive you must master it. So, all this hype you hear about religion, church, integrity, honesty, God fearing, holy and sanctified … are just that. You don’t survive by walking around in this world like you fear no evil. You must be very vigilant for spiders, snakes, dogs, lions, tigers, bears… laying in hiding for their prey. It’s when you meet the person buried, deep down beneath all the camouflage that really counts and we’re getting farther and farther from meeting that person.

While you’re there portraying yourself as honest, your children are out whoring the world. Trust no man, unless he has proven himself to be trustworthy.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!